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Why Suzanna Newell Joined Lawsuit Targeting Federal COVID Censorship

Why Suzanna Newell Joined Lawsuit Targeting Federal COVID Censorship

In a lawsuit brought against the White House and top government officials, Suzanna Newell and other vaccine-injured advocates hope to stop governmental censorship of important COVID-19 information. Their lawsuit asserts that government officials have conspired with tech companies to systematically censor Americans who shared factual information on the adverse reactions of many who received the COVID vaccine.

Maladies following or from the vaccine continue to plague many. They include the sudden death of young people after getting the shot, government-documented heart problems in men, reproductive system problems in women, raging tinnitus, nervous system maladies as severe as the crippling Guillen-Barré syndrome, and many other illnesses. The typical person who has adverse reactions from the COVID jab has 20 maladies resulting from it, vaccine-injured advocates say.

Also at issue in the lawsuit is Americans’ ability to speak the truth and associate with others. In communicating on a life-or-death matter—indeed, by providing life-sustaining support to those innocently and grievously injured—vaccine-injured advocates are doing a public service. Yet for that humane effort, they have been harassed by the government and tech leaders.

Many vaccine-injured advocates are themselves seriously injured, finding a new calling in spreading the truth about the shot. People like React-19 co-founder Dr. Joel Wallskog (whose orthopedic surgeon career was cut short when the vaccine facilitated transverse myelitis, a painful spinal condition) have dedicated themselves to helping others by sharing the truth about the COVID vaccines. With this, they provide comfort, treatment options, and other helpful information to vaccine-injured people.

Despite the injuries—and the fact that laws prohibit the government from forcing medical treatments or experiments on people—our federal government pushed the COVID vaccines on the citizenry as both necessary and safe. Many in the government won’t even admit to this anymore, though. I spoke with one state legislator’s office about the shots and was told that Pennsylvania doesn’t mandate getting the vaccine. Tell that to people in Pennsylvania, and around the nation, who weren’t considered for jobs or who lost their jobs because they wouldn’t get vaccinated.

With this, many people now know a friend or loved one who developed adverse complications post-vaccination, but the federal government is in denial. It is miserly in helping just a handful of vaccine-injured Americans with their medical bills, while nascent charities like React-19 pick up the slack by providing hundreds of thousands in financial aid to vaccine-injured people.

And governmental irresponsibility doesn’t end there. Collaborating with tech companies, the U.S. government has also continued to systematically squelch humane efforts of Americans helping Americans to navigate dreadful illnesses derived from the jabs.

Taken together, these events have awakened many to the urgent need for clarity on the related issues of free speech, free association, and other freedoms under attack by an authoritarian government.

But despite being seriously injured by the COVID vaccine, Suzanna Newell is using the lawsuit to act—to help others.

“I realized there was no safety net, and if you were injured, you were financially, medically, and socially isolated. I didn’t want people to suffer alone,” she said.

The lawsuit names all of the top officials in the White House since the federal government has been unwilling to admit the vaccines are patently unsafe, and they have so far accepted no culpability in the matter. The first point of the lawsuit is to draw a line in the sand and bring into public light the harms of government and tech companies colluding to squelch free speech.

“There’s a First Amendment right to speak freely,” Suzanna said. “I was just sharing my story. How could any government regulation go against a message of love and support?”

There’s a kind of cognitive dissonance among many Americans regarding the vaccine-injured: Many people avert their eyes from the injured until they’re confronted with vaccine injuries of their own or in those they love.

“Until it happens to you, you might not pay attention to this,” Suzanna said. “It’s something so uncomfortable that you look away. But I want everyone to understand that people are suffering, in a country they believe in, and those people need help.”

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Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes

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  • Avatar
    January 29, 2024, 11:13 am

    Thanks Suzanna!

  • Avatar
    Lorri Jennings
    January 29, 2024, 11:46 am

    Thank you for sharing this important truth. We live in challenging times and coming together in love is so necessary to move forward.


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