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  • Easy as a Sunday Morning

    Easy as a Sunday Morning2

    We often complain about public schools and how terribly they’re educating our children these days, continually suggesting one solution after another to improve scores and produce more well-rounded students ready for the real world. Unfortunately, these solutions include everything under …

  • Why Do We Keep Underestimating Kids?

    Why Do We Keep Underestimating Kids?4

    Child protection laws and policies that determine at what age kids can do things on their own are often wildly out of whack with actual child development — and grossly underestimate kids’ capabilities.

    That’s not just ME saying that. (Even …

  • 21 Men Chose Death Over Renouncing Their Christian Faith. Why?

    21 Men Chose Death Over Renouncing Their Christian Faith. Why?0

    On February 12, 2015 occurred one of the most dramatic of the many atrocities committed by the Islamic State at the height of its power.

    Kneeling in orange jump suits on the shores of the Mediterranean near the Libyan city …

  • Evil Is Rising, but Despair Is Not an Option

    Evil Is Rising, but Despair Is Not an Option1

    To many people, the world seems to make less and less sense with each passing day. Values we once cherished and that bound civil society together face daily bombardment. Offensive things are routinely said and done today in ways intended …

  • The Conflict Over History

    The Conflict Over History0

    A recent report of the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed a dramatic fall in history test scores among eighth graders. Given all the discussions and concerns about the health of our democracy, the decline of historical knowledge among young …

  • Meant for Evil, Used for Good

    Meant for Evil, Used for Good4

    Have you ever had a “Joseph moment”? I had one the other day.

    By Joseph, I’m referencing the biblical character—Abraham’s great-grandson—who was the second youngest of 12 brothers. Although favored by his father, he was hated by his brothers, who …