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  • The Counter-Repudiation That’s on the Way

    The Counter-Repudiation That’s on the Way2

    Philosopher, writer, and teacher Roger Scruton labeled our age “the culture of repudiation” in his 1998 book An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Modern Culture. Though I am oversimplifying here, his basic premise was that academics and other influential writers and …

  • Beware of Big Bathroom Brother

    Beware of Big Bathroom Brother1

    Nine years ago, I warned readers about “eyelock biometric readers” adopted by Florida schools to track them on buses. Under the guise of fighting guns and vaping, countless schools this year are now installing surveillance sensors in bathrooms that can …

  • How, When, Do We Come Together Again?

    How, When, Do We Come Together Again?7

    When 30 FBI agents showed up at Mar-a-Lago to cart off boxes of documents, it was an authorized, legitimate, and justified procedure to retrieve national security secrets being illegally kept there.

    Or it was an unprecedented regime raid on the …