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  • The Cowardly American Corporation

    The Cowardly American Corporation3

    I no longer bubble with rage when a new outbreak of corporate wokeness erupts across our fruited plain. It’s just another day in the pathetic life of the Land of the Greedy and the Home of the Enslaved. To wit: …

  • Why Are So Many Young People Dying Suddenly?

    Why Are So Many Young People Dying Suddenly?11

    If the push notifications on my computer are any indication, an alarming trend is unfolding before our eyes: young, seemingly healthy individuals are dropping like flies, dying suddenly.

    It wasn’t always like this. Sure, the death notifications of high-profile figures …

  • The Child I Almost Had

    The Child I Almost Had7

    I sit down to write this as yet another person expresses support on social media for those talking about how the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade is a tragedy. Indeed, they liken it to an infringement of some strange …