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  • Who Is Funding the College Protests?

    Who Is Funding the College Protests?4

    As pro-Palestinian college protests continue nationwide, questions are being asked about the authenticity of the demonstrations—and who is funding them. In the earliest days of the encampments, photos showing rows of identical tents quickly appeared online, prompting many observers to ask if some of the sit-ins were not orchestrated by students. Indeed, according to NYPD

  • Did COVID-19 Usher in a Global Government?

    Did COVID-19 Usher in a Global Government?0

    In 2020, a dangerous pathogen swept the globe. The pandemic required government action, we were told, but the government of one nation was not enough. Even powerful governments (like that of the United States) worked with other governments to keep pandemic measures from being futile. In order to avoid a fatal lack of coordination, some

  • What ‘RoboCop’ and the Bible Teach About Rights

    What ‘RoboCop’ and the Bible Teach About Rights3

    One of my favorite movies growing up was RoboCop, Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 dystopian classic. The movie, which was probably way too violent for a 10-year-old, depicts a fictional future in which Detroit is ravaged by violent crime and on the verge of social collapse. The police are virtually powerless against the criminals, who are too

  • Study: The Surprising Connection Between Your Politics and Happiness

    Study: The Surprising Connection Between Your Politics and Happiness3

    Do your politics determine—or at least predict—your mental health? Recent research indicates that the answer is “yes.” A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology found a correlation between agreement with social justice mantras (colloquially referred to as “wokeness”) and depression, anxiety, and lack of happiness. As reported by the New York Post, researchers

  • Voters Beware: Google Interferes in US Elections

    Voters Beware: Google Interferes in US Elections3

    A brand new investigation has found that Google interfered in American elections at least 41 times over the last 16 years. Published on March 18, the Media Research Center Special Report traced election interference efforts by the world’s most popular search engine all the way back to the 2008 election of former President Barack Obama. “In

  • Ketanji Brown Jackson Said <i>What</i> About the First Amendment?

    Ketanji Brown Jackson Said What About the First Amendment?6

    Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (KBJ) raised eyebrows last week for remarks she made about the First Amendment during oral arguments for Murthy v. Missouri, a landmark case scrutinizing the federal government’s say over social media content. Justice Jackson is the most recent appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court, having been nominated by President


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