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  • In Memoriam: ‘Baby Girl #1’

    In Memoriam: ‘Baby Girl #1’16

    This piece should be written in blood, tears, and brimstone rather than type. A hideous event took place recently—not in some faraway totalitarian hellhole—but right here at home in our nation’s capital, Jonathan Von Maren reports in a recent article for American Conservative. On March 25, a truck driver who works for the bio-medical waste

  • Masks, the Mark of the Sheep

    Masks, the Mark of the Sheep12

    The mask mandates have been lifted on planes and all sorts of other places. Thank goodness! Yet there are some out there still demanding to resurrect the mandates. It baffled me right from the start how people could have fallen for the mask mandate. It was easy to prove masks were ineffective and not worth

  • MN Likely to Teach Students That Police Started as Slave Patrols

    MN Likely to Teach Students That Police Started as Slave Patrols1

    Police have existed since the ancient Sumerian civilization, thousands of years ago. They did not originate with slave patrols. But Minnesota is preparing to teach students that policing began with slave patrols. This false teaching is included in a draft ethnic studies component to Minnesota social studies classes. It’s a weird, historically-inaccurate new curriculum drafted