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  • The Arts Won’t Save Us

    The Arts Won’t Save Us4

    I have lately noticed an uptick across conservative platforms regarding the importance of fine arts in traditional society. Most of it I agree with, especially considering its influence on education and wonder. But the trend often emphasizes that fine arts will play a major role in winning the modern culture war. Is this really true?

  • The Musical Heroism of Guido d’Arezzo

    The Musical Heroism of Guido d’Arezzo1

    Of all living things, only humans seem to have the drive and capacity for documentation, record-keeping, and writing for the purposes of porting information and wisdom to others with the hope of influencing and binding the future. We’ve done this since the beginning of recorded history, from cave dwellings to the Code of Hammurabi through

  • Patriotism, Gratitude, and Western Civilization

    Patriotism, Gratitude, and Western Civilization2

    Many years ago, I attended West Forsyth High School near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Though our sports teams then were generally mediocre, at basketball and football games our cheerleaders would inevitably break into a chant: “WEST IS BEST! WEST IS BEST!” That cheer came back to me while reading “The Decline and Fall of the Descendants


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