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  • How to Fix American Education: The Parallel Education System

    How to Fix American Education: The Parallel Education System2

    Millions of Americans have woken up to the fact that their education system is rotten to the core. As elite universities are engulfed by antisemitic riots, their veil of prestige has been torn to shreds. It is by now clear to many that, in the words of Christopher Rufo, the radical left has conquered everything.

  • Denied a Diploma for Calling Jesus Christ ‘The Way’?

    Denied a Diploma for Calling Jesus Christ ‘The Way’?8

    Meet Micah Price, the high school senior from Campbell County, Kentucky, who late last month was almost denied his diploma for giving Jesus Christ a shout-out during an off-script commencement speech. Footage of Micah’s speech began circulating on social media last week. “Class, before another word leaves my mouth, I must give the honor, the

  • Homeschoolers Don’t Need Government Regulation

    Homeschoolers Don’t Need Government Regulation2

    Since 2020, the number of families participating in homeschooling has increased significantly, and with it, discussions about regulations. Currently, regulations of homeschoolers are a state-by-state phenomenon, with Pennsylvania and New York among the states with the most regulations and Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma with the least. Examples of regulations include requiring parents to submit a letter

  • Who Was Jean-Jacques Rousseau?

    Who Was Jean-Jacques Rousseau?1

    “Masochist, exhibitionist, neurasthenic, hypochondriac, incapable of normal or parental affection, incipient paranoiac, narcissistic introvert … pathologically timid, a kleptomaniac, infantilist, irritable, and miserly.” This is how one scholar has diagnosed Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Harsh though this may sound, the details of Rousseau’s life (1712–1778) bear out this description. Rousseau’s ideas are at the foundation of the

  • Are Public Schools in Decline? Survey of Teachers Says Yes.

    Are Public Schools in Decline? Survey of Teachers Says Yes.4

    Eighty-two percent of teachers say that the general state of public K-12 education has gotten worse over the past five years. This is according to a new Pew Research Center survey conducted in October and November of 2023. That’s not the only shocking statistic from the survey, either, which overall offers a grim statistical map

  • DISRESPECT: Public Schools Got It

    DISRESPECT: Public Schools Got It1

    Some of us may remember the Helen Lovejoy character in The Simpsons, who would appear any time some catastrophe befell the town and plaintively wail, “Won’t someone please think of the children?!” The joke here, of course, is that as long as you do something in the name of helping children, it must be right, and you


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