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  • Making a Case for Cursive

    Making a Case for Cursive2

    Recently, I asked my fifth graders if they enjoyed writing in cursive. Students at the all-boys Catholic school where I work start training in cursive penmanship in third grade, so my students had been practicing it for the better part of three years. I expected them to say that it is boring, that they do

  • Is School Choice a Trojan Horse?

    Is School Choice a Trojan Horse?3

    School choice: It’s a term that has been making the rounds in the cultural discourse, particularly since the school closures in 2020. On the surface, giving parents and students more opportunity sounds good, but have we truly considered all of its potential consequences? What Is School Choice? Most generally, school choice “allows public education funds

  • I Was a Girl Scout. Here’s Why My Daughters Won’t Be One.

    I Was a Girl Scout. Here’s Why My Daughters Won’t Be One.7

    It was summertime at Camp Cedarledge, and I was in Totem Village, Ahwenasa unit. The cabins were spacious and airy, with four beds each and room for our suitcases under each bed. Most days were spent marching around the acreage to attend swimming practice, arts and crafts, tying knots, first aid training, group games, and


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