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  • Parents are 100 Percent Qualified to Homeschool Their Children

    Parents are 100 Percent Qualified to Homeschool Their Children6

    For seven years, I slogged through the public school system before my parents made the decision to homeschool. At the time, I couldn’t understand why they were so concerned about making the switch.

    Frankly, I wasn’t learning anything in public …

  • Beware Mama Bears

    Beware Mama Bears5

    The Presbyterian church where I once taught homeschoolers was located in a suburban neighborhood of Asheville filled with medium-sized houses and well-tended yards. And with its broad lawn and surrounding woods, the church was a place of tranquility.

    Except when …

  • A Wellesley Student Speaks Out

    A Wellesley Student Speaks Out7

    I was appalled, but not surprised, when on Saturday, September 24, the Dean of Students at Wellesley College, where I am a student, buried at the end of an email to the student body that all students at Wellesley would …