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Intellectual Takeout is a project of Charlemagne Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to defending and advancing the philosophical and spiritual foundations of Western Civilization.

Mission and Vision

We provide a platform for rational discourse on all aspects of culture, inspiring action that leads to the restoration of a healthy and vibrant America. We aim to aid the restoration of faith, family, and community.

Core Beliefs

  1. We believe that faith, family, and community are the building blocks for restoration of culture.
  2. We believe in independent thought and the importance of discussing ideas central to Western Civilization.
  3. We believe that culture drives action, and we strive to impact the culture through education.
  4. We believe in thoughtful content on a wide range of cultural issues that often challenge the orthodoxies of our time and cause readers to think deeply about important issues.
  5. We strive to avoid heated, emotional debates that fail to enlighten and drive people apart.
  6. We believe that our writers and editors do not have all the answers; we are not ideologues.

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