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  • What Romanticism and Taylor Swift Have in Common

    What Romanticism and Taylor Swift Have in Common0

    Wherever you turn today, you’ll hear about Taylor Swift—her albums, tours, and dating life. For better or for worse, she has a sizeable impact on our culture. It’s no surprise, then, that her most recent album, The Tortured Poets Department, has hit a record number of sales, with 2.61 million debut units as the “best

  • The Vanishing Hardy Boys

    The Vanishing Hardy Boys1

    Gone are the days of the Renaissance Man; the polymath ideal of humanism; man is the center of the universe and he should embrace the search for all knowledge because man alone has the limitless capacity for development! Alberti, the architect, painter, poet, scientist, horseman, and mathematician; Da Vinci, the artist, painter, inventor, musician, scientist, and writer;

  • How Poetry Can Help With the Grieving Process

    How Poetry Can Help With the Grieving Process2

    An unfortunate myth has captured the minds of many modern people: Poetry is inaccessible and irrelevant. I hear complaints to this effect from my students, sometimes, or read them in the comments sections of my articles. And I understand the sentiment. If you’ve never been exposed to classic poems with the guidance of a good


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