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  • It Ends as it Began: As a Political Ploy

    It Ends as it Began: As a Political Ploy2

    The current U.S. president finally said it during a 60 Minutes interview: “The pandemic is over.” Though obviously true by the classical definition, Biden’s comment seemed almost accidental, said as an echoed response to a direct question.

    Consider, however, that …

  • Becky Kraker, V*ccine Survivor

    Becky Kraker, V*ccine Survivor5

    Becky Kraker suffered from depression most of her life, but a couple years ago got medication that helped. For 18 months she felt like she finally had her life together, especially since the dissipating depression dramatically strengthened her relationship with …

  • The Prophetic Genius of Ivan Illich

    The Prophetic Genius of Ivan Illich3

    How did the non-conformists and radicals of the 1960s and 1970s, who were also heavily skeptical of the medical-industrial complex and who helped turn alternative medicine into a billion dollar industry, become some of the most rabid supporters of lockdowns …