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Why Are So Many Young People Dying Suddenly?

Why Are So Many Young People Dying Suddenly?

If the push notifications on my computer are any indication, an alarming trend is unfolding before our eyes: young, seemingly healthy individuals are dropping like flies, dying suddenly.

It wasn’t always like this. Sure, the death notifications of high-profile figures would come occasionally, but they were usually for those in their 80s or 90s who had simply come to the end of a long life, or for young individuals who had committed suicide. Now it’s different.

The other day, it was Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson. He was 26 and had played three seasons of professional football. No cause of death was given, CNN reported.

Then there was 25-year-old Caleb Swanigan. The former NBA player had been the 2017 Big Ten Player of the Year at Purdue University. The coroner report concluded that Swanigan died of natural causes, CBS reported.

A few days before Swanigan’s death was revealed, Danielle Hampson, the fiancée of X Factor star Tom Mann, died on their wedding day. She “did not suffer from any known health problems and her cause of death is unknown,” the Daily Mail reported. She was only 34.

The deaths of these three individuals happened (or were reported on) in only the last few days. And these are just high-profile instances. If this many celebrities are unexpectedly dropping dead, how many average, non-celebrity deaths are occurring with individuals in their prime years and health?

Potentially quite a few. “Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome,” a Daily Mail headline proclaimed in early June. The syndrome, known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, or SADS, seems to affect the heart, as doctors are encouraging people under 40 to get this primary organ checked.

Good journalists are supposed to ask questions, yet in the midst of what seems like a catastrophe in the making, I don’t see many in the media who are even curious about why we are suddenly seeing so many young people dying. So I’ll ask a few questions of my own.

Could these sudden deaths be related to the mass-rollout of the COVID vaccine we’ve seen in the last year and a half? If so, why are these deaths seemingly on the rise even as COVID vaccinations are dropping (at least in the U.S.)? Is it possible that the sudden increase in SADS is due to the long-term health effects of the COVID vaccines?

Questions such as these are taboo and raised only by a handful of journalists, doctors, or scientists who want to know the truth. They often pay for such questions by being canceled, ostracized, or by having their professional license revoked. Yet for those who have eyes to see, not only experience, but science as well, is beginning to reward their tenacity for finding the truth.

Scientific studies are increasingly producing results that support a healthy skepticism regarding the experimental vaccines. For example, a recent study in the journal Andrology confirms that COVID vaccines decrease sperm counts. Meanwhile, a study in Science shows the ineffectiveness of the vaccine against the disease it is supposed to prevent. Furthermore, a new study (still in the preprint phase) shows that the vaccines’ numerous adverse effects move the risk benefit of the vaccines into negative territory.

Such studies call into question the boatloads of information we’ve been fed by public officials and scientific experts regarding the virus, the vaccine, and our response to both. Have we been sorely misled, and will such misleading end in serious harm to ourselves and our loved ones?

It shouldn’t surprise us if such is the case, for as C. S. Lewis explains in The Abolition of Man, the power that scientific discovery and exploration brings is soon corrupted and used for control of the masses. “The last men, far from being the heirs of power, will be of all men most subject to the dead hand of the great planners and conditioners and will themselves exercise least power upon the future,” Lewis wrote.

Why is this the case?

Man’s conquest of Nature, if the dreams of some scientific planners are realized, means the rule of a few hundreds of men over billions upon billions of men. There neither is nor can be any simple increase of power on Man’s side. Each new power won by man is a power over man as well. Each advance leaves him weaker as well as stronger. In every victory, besides being the general who triumphs, he is also the prisoner who follows the triumphal car.

Perhaps the ever-growing number of sudden and early deaths will jolt us awake to the fact that we, too, may be the prisoners following blindly behind the cars of “experts” who love to use today’s scientific advances to promote tomorrow’s control of society.

Image Credit: Flickr-The U.S. Army, CC BY 2.0


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  • Avatar
    June 28, 2022, 11:51 pm

    I had TWO highly athletic friends die this way back in the 1990s. There may be a recent uptick in cases, but it’s definitely not a new phenomenon.

    • Avatar
      Bad journalism@Misthiocracy
      June 29, 2022, 1:53 am

      Ferguson overdosed (https://heavy.com/sports/baltimore-ravens/police-reveal-suspected-cause-of-death-for-26-year-old-ravens-linebacker/)

      and Swanigan was very obese (approximately 400 pounds at the time of his death

    • Avatar
      Jason @Misthiocracy
      September 7, 2022, 12:41 am

      Because people yook a poison vaccine. The took a drug not a vaccine with mRNA technology in it. It’s poison. It’s all poison.

      • Avatar
        September 24, 2022, 5:29 pm

        Stop the Jabs it was meant to depopulate the world and now our blood banks are contaminated with jabbed donors
        Back in the day they never checked for HIV or Hep B now they do… they are full of crap when they say their nano Particles are not in The donated blood ? BULL CRAP they are Redcross is a vampire of poison

      • Avatar
        Tony L.@Jason
        November 5, 2022, 7:21 pm

        The only thing that is poison is the anti-vax B.S. and misinformation that has become the latest fad. Conspiracy theorists and other scumbags are making millions promoting anti-vax propaganda. Not getting the COVID vaccine increases the chance of you going to the hospital and/or dying from COVID. Plus you more easily spread it to older people or people with bad health who are way more vulnerable. Rare bad or deadly side effects from vaccines, penicillin and even Tylenol are possible but the odds are slim to none of happening and the most important thing is go right to a doctor or emergency room if you feel anything weird especially the first time you take a new vaccine, antibiotic or even Tylenol.

        • Avatar
          Fred@Tony L.
          November 24, 2022, 4:31 am

          "Conspiracy theorists and other scumbags are making millions promoting anti-vax propaganda."
          You know that both the CDC and the FDA have backed down on the whole transmission thing. As far as catching the "virus" after the "vaccine" (Immune suppressor) it does not work for that either. In the cases that cannot be verified one way or the other (very few), they now know that people after the first jab have their immune response system compromised.
          After the first jab the longevity of ANY of the many "vaccines" is at most 90 days where you simply have an easier time if hospitalized, after that, they actually go into the "negative", meaning that you are now immune compromised, thanks to the injection, and you will never be the same human again, because now your DNA has literally changed. You are now producing a patented product you have no license for.
          With every booster you become more immune compromised.
          I am sorry to have to tell you this, but I fear that you are working with the "Old Science" and spouting the same type of nonsense as did the lame, criminal duck of fauci.
          As for athletes dropping dead and severe respiratory syndrome in children, the numbers have risen into the hundreds of thousands.

          This is not due to covid, but a "new" "virus", "caused by infection with the newly identified SARS-associated coronavirus" and the also new, "Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is a loosely defined umbrella term for a series of newly acquired cardiac syndromes that cause sudden cardiac arrest."

          I do agree with you about the "scumbags" making millions, except it is not millions, it is a multiple of billions upon billions. And folks like yourself I am afraid have been a victim of their propaganda.
          This is what happens when organized crime lies down with government, that in turn lies down with corporate America, all they beget are more LIES.
          People like yourself are the last ones to even suspect it is going on, even with ALL the clues staring them in the face. All the blunt retractions and back-pedaling taking place about how the "vaccines" work and don’t work should be a really big clue. The CDC and FDA are pushing back as fast as they can while at the same time telling the same lies.

          From the same people that made you think that the experimental, gene changing, for life, injection was gonna cure you of something that you had over a 99.5% chance of surviving with nothing more than flu like symptoms, after which you would be immune, as in never having to worry about again.
          But instead of curing you, it actually made you more susceptible to any and all things that may damage your new, not old, non-injected body, which could have fought off pre-injection.
          So instead of giving you something life-saving you got, well what you got, and in so doing you are now caught up in what professionals call Cognitive Dissonance.
          Have a good life, and praise the Lord.

    • Avatar
      October 16, 2022, 10:00 pm

      Gun homicide and suicide. Aside from that, worldwide there’s a consistent 1.2-2 percent sudden death rate in young people out of every 100,000. Source: Pub.med and other medical statistical surveys.

  • Avatar
    Roland E Pittman
    June 29, 2022, 1:33 am

    This is an informative article with some valid and interesting questions. However, it leaves much lacking in the scientific area of the questions that it did not ask. One could reasonably suppose the author is anti-vaccine biased. Were these individuals vaccinated? The most important question is whether these individuals had COVID at some point in time. This could be a long-term consequence of COVID in the younger population. The article’s questions are fair enough questions but in this context seem prejudiced against vaccines.

    • Avatar
      Tionico@Roland E Pittman
      June 29, 2022, 3:30 am

      There is more than plenty of solid evidence and WHOLE lot more not quite so solid evidence implicating the dangers of this"vaccine" that is not a vaccine. What we DO know is that "adverse events" are serioulsy downplayed. Piece I read this morning examined the suddn tsunami of myocarditis suddeny erupting amongst the vaccinated in the approximately under 30 age category. First, it examined the government organisations and their numbers". That was scary enough. THEN they went to some independent data examiners who were not limited to ONLY what government admitted were "possible" cases. The second study loooked at raw numbers in total of this condition, and deaths relating to it. ALL cases and deaths reported with this condition were included. Those numbers were some FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT higher than the gummit numbers. Or was that four huundred TIMES? Then they examined, for each data source, the "injection status" of the victim, if known. The vast majority of all new myocarditis cases had been injected two or more months prior to the adverse event. Those numbers pointed with an "all but certain" close link between the two databoints. :injection status correlated VERY tightly with occurrence of the defect. Tightly enough to form an all but certain link of causality.

      I remember reading last fall about the trials, a decade or two back, for a new measles (I think.. could be something else) vaccine that was in trials, Already most of the trials had been performed. Over some period of quite a few months, a dozen "unexpected" deaths were noted amongst the vaccinated portion of the experiment pool. The link was not at all sound, but they ENDED trials of this injection and terminated the entireprogramme, scrapping the whole project. Over TWELVE suspicious or possibly linked deaths.
      The mNRA injections are directy implicted and/or very strongly linked in thousands of deaths. Yet they slog on, refusing to even allow the un-massaged data THEY have collected to be examined. Myocarditis deaths linked to those three shots are, per the CDC, dozens, per the data the CDC have. Per the study I read this morning, that is somewhere around four percent of total known cases.
      And myocarditis is only ONE of quite a laundry list of "adverse events" following those shots that are strongly implicating those injections.
      Yeah, anyone half awake and even partially aware of some of the linked adverse events would be very chary of getting those shots themselves………. I get railed upon because I have managd to avoid those injections, so far. I don’t care. Let’s see how things are looking in, say, ten years. We might have to search far and wide to find ANY "specimens" who are alive and well and who have actually had two or more doses of these injections.
      Time can’t lie, as statistics can. And do.

      • Avatar
        Karan Estill@Tionico
        October 12, 2022, 10:39 pm

        My son was 26 years old we thought he was perfectly healthy he had gotten both of his Pfizer covid vaccinations and he died a month and a half later from an enlarged heart. Now my son played football all through high school we had gotten him several physicals and none of those had showed that he had any heart condition!!

    • Avatar
      Tionico@Roland E Pittman
      June 29, 2022, 3:34 am

      the real question that is not being asked frequently enough is not whether given individual has had the WooFlew, but whether that individual has taken any of the injections touted as "protecting" recipients from that disease.
      The alledged gurantee against contracting it seems to be far more dangerous than the disease itself.And we’ve only got about a year’s data to examine. I shudder to think how things will be looking in five years.

    • Avatar
      Michelle @Roland E Pittman
      June 29, 2022, 1:02 pm

      What’s happening in this article is true! The big corporations and big government do not want you to know that they are mandating something that will kill you! Just because someone below me will type some nonsense and call it bad journalism, no I’m sorry they are trying to control the narrative!
      If people know the truth and they are lying and covering it up they are just as bad as the ones that created this desth jab and they deserve the exact same punishment and who knows perhaps they’ll let all their family get vaccinated and they’ll watch this phenomenon occur in real-time like we are! My father-in-law is full of blood clots because of the Pfizer shot! Tell the truth c and shame the devil for a change instead of serving him! BTW this story was shared on fakebook and they removed it! Tell me in past history how often they removed something that was informative how often did they censor things and tell you oh you can’t read that, it might make you use your critical thinking skills!

      • Avatar
        November 24, 2022, 4:48 am

        "Tell me in past history how often they removed something that was informative…"
        I can tell you I posted on both fbanduboob and was censored and shadowed banned on both.
        All information was posted from credible sources, but because it went against the narrative…
        Well we are all a little more informed about what this really is, and we all should know a lot more about censorship, then there is the fact that apparently lying your ass off to congressional investigators no longer carries any penalties.

        Well there are now many more places to post comments about the lies, the flat out lies, the big humongous lies we have been fattened up with, ant the you should really know better lies we have been fed for the past few years.
        Now it is really way past time we started to take another long look at some of the other things we have been told that seemed a little fishy when we first heard them.

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Barnes
    June 29, 2022, 2:03 am

    Nice piece. Chris Roberts died the other day he was just 30. Out of the blue. He was a good journalist, and a kind and encouraging hand to others.

  • Avatar
    Greg Penglis
    June 29, 2022, 3:45 am

    We ask those questions all the time on our "World’s Greatest Doctor Panel," made up of Drs: Mikovits, Ardis, Thorp, Marble, and data expert John Cullen who made the Covid map. Join us Thursdays Annie Holmquist and get answers to your questions. Here is last weeks show:


    We proved there is no Covid emergency and the vax is far more dangerous statistically than Covid, especially for those under 40. You’ll see.

    Greg Penglis
    Creator, Host and CEO of the Action Radio / Citizen Legislature.

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