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    Cadence McManimon

    Cadence McManimon is a published author, former special education teacher, and now a wife and mother. She has too many houseplants, plenty of artsy projects, and not enough pens that work! (Doesn't everyone?) Her novels Name Unspoken and The Lily Girl are available at her website cadencemcmanimon.com. Her favorite things include crayons, sarcasm, Sherlock Holmes, and hearing from readers!

Author's Posts

  • Making a Culture of Creation, Not Consumption

    Making a Culture of Creation, Not Consumption0

    Throughout history, humankind has excelled in being creative. I’d argue that we still do! Unfortunately, in our modern times, this natural creativity is being pushed aside in favor of our need to consume. This need is just as instinctual, of course; how could we survive if we didn’t consume water, food, sleep, or shelter? We

  • Can Female Liberation Be Found in Marriage?

    Can Female Liberation Be Found in Marriage?4

    What does a fulfilling, self-focused life look like, according to liberated feminism? Spa nights alone in a fancy apartment, perhaps. A boss babe CEO who enjoys hooking up on the weekends. Plastic surgery and perhaps a cute pet to post on Instagram. But what else is part and parcel of this life? An epidemic of

  • Why I Refuse Automated Digital Services, Streaming, and Subscriptions

    Why I Refuse Automated Digital Services, Streaming, and Subscriptions0

    Netflix has about 260 million subscribers around the world. Disney+ boasts 111.3 million subscribers, and Amazon Prime has millions of viewers to match. Across such platforms, Americans spend, on average, over three hours a day—or over 21 hours a week—streaming online content. At the same time, over 60 percent of adults in America use digital

  • Why Dressing Traditionally Matters

    Why Dressing Traditionally Matters10

    It doesn’t take a fashion designer’s sense to notice the decline of American clothing in the last few decades. The neat suits and dresses of yesteryear have been replaced with stretchy athleisure, the hats and coats vanished in favor of sweatshirts and leggings. Quite honestly, I don’t think fashion and clothing is all that important.


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