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    Cadence McManimon

    Cadence McManimon is a published author, former special education teacher, and now a wife and mother. She has too many houseplants, plenty of artsy projects, and not enough pens that work! (Doesn't everyone?) Her novels Name Unspoken and The Lily Girl are available at her website cadencemcmanimon.com. Her favorite things include crayons, sarcasm, Sherlock Holmes, and hearing from readers!

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  • My Favorite Patriotic Recipes for Independence Day

    My Favorite Patriotic Recipes for Independence Day4

    Independence Day is just around the corner! I’m planning to celebrate with a feast. What better things to cook than classic American recipes? Much of what we think of as “American food” actually comes from Western Europe where the majority of immigration to our country originated. Most of the immigrants were poor, simple, and hardy,

  • The Extraordinary Joys of Ordinary Family Life

    The Extraordinary Joys of Ordinary Family Life4

    Our world of hookup culture, abortion on demand, and fading traditional family structure is pushing a rising number of young people away from wanting to have children. Even married couples are choosing to remain childless, citing everything from financial freedom to environmental concerns. This drastic decision is often made from a place of fear and


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