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    Cadence McManimon

    Cadence McManimon is a published author, former special education teacher, and now a wife and mother. She has too many houseplants, plenty of artsy projects, and not enough pens that work! (Doesn't everyone?) Her novels Name Unspoken and The Lily Girl are available at her website cadencemcmanimon.com. Her favorite things include crayons, sarcasm, Sherlock Holmes, and hearing from readers!

Author's Posts

  • 20 Historical Hobbies for $20 or Less

    20 Historical Hobbies for $20 or Less2

    New hobbies can seem intimidating and—worse—expensive. The internet offers complicated lists and costly supplies for even the most basic of skills. We might feel that we can’t invest too much into a hobby—who knows if we’ll be good at it …

  • Breadwinning Begins Before the Wedding

    Breadwinning Begins Before the Wedding4

    At the center of traditionalism is the nuclear family. I have yet to meet a traditionalist who doesn’t desire to have a family centered on the timeless values of husband and wife with children. The husband/father shoulders breadwinning, and the …