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  • Ivan Provorov Stands Fast In His Faith

    Ivan Provorov Stands Fast In His Faith4

    Last Tuesday night, the Philadelphia Flyers, a hockey team, participated in an LGBTQ+ Pride Night event. The team—with one exception—donned rainbow-colored jerseys as they warmed up before the game.

    Defenseman Ivan Provorov opted out. “I respect everybody, and I respect …

  • Truth Is More Than Propositional

    Truth Is More Than Propositional3

    Navigating a world riddled with attacks on gender, goodness, and morality, I’m always encouraged by people who cling to truth. Still, even as we hold to rightly ordered propositions, we have to recognize exactly what truth encompasses because it …

  • To Love the Truth

    To Love the Truth0

    Renowned radio Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll tells a story about a 6-year-old boy riding with his mother on a train. During those days, kids traveled with their parents and weren’t charged if the child was 5 or under. Before getting …