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  • The Meaning of Ash Wednesday

    The Meaning of Ash Wednesday0

    Ash Wednesday is—oddly perhaps—a day I have long associated with bushfires, better known in the American hemisphere as wildfires. I come from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, where on Ash Wednesday in 1983, catastrophic bushfires, driven by 70-mph winds and fueled by years of drought-ravaged eucalyptus forest, tragically claimed 28 lives. In the neighboring

  • What Did Nietzsche Mean by ‘God is Dead’?

    What Did Nietzsche Mean by ‘God is Dead’?3

    In The Gay Science (1882), Friedrich Nietzsche’s character of the madman had proclaimed, “God is dead.” The Time cover for April 8, 1966, turned this proclamation into a provocative question for a world where religious practice was waning: But, though most people have heard of Nietzsche’s “God is dead” claim, there are few who understand

  • Is Nihilism the Logical End of Atheism?

    Is Nihilism the Logical End of Atheism?5

    What happens when nihilism is taken to its logical and philosophical conclusion? “Human rights are just like heaven and like God. It’s just a fictional story that we have invented and spread around. It may be a very nice story… but it’s just a story. It’s not a reality.” So says Noah Yuval Hariri, a


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