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  • Bureaucracy Doesn’t Allow Courage

    Bureaucracy Doesn’t Allow Courage4

    The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, has shifted dramatically in the last few days from the horror of young lives needlessly snuffed out by a gunman, to the horror of why more wasn’t done to save them. Finger-pointing and blaming abound, particularly toward the police who responded to the shooting. Video footage and firsthand accounts have

  • Are All Men Created Equal?

    Are All Men Created Equal?2

    Ideology is political religion, said the conservative sage Russell Kirk. And what is the defining dogma of the political religion, or ideology, of America in 2022? Is it not that, “All men are created equal”? Yet, as with every religion, a basic question needs first to be asked and answered about this defining dogma of liberal

  • Kyle Rittenhouse and the Individual’s Choice to Take the Witness Stand

    Kyle Rittenhouse and the Individual’s Choice to Take the Witness Stand0

    I’ve watched the Kyle Rittenhouse court proceedings this week with interest, not only because they are a microcosm of the cultural struggle over basic constitutional rights, but because they’ve turned into a fascinating legal drama. Who needs television shows such as Law and Order when you have a judge continually hauling the prosecution to the

  • Seventy Years Old and an NBA Star (in My Mind)

    Seventy Years Old and an NBA Star (in My Mind)0

    I’m 70 years old, 5’7”, and a bit past my ideal measurement on the Body Mass Index. Let’s say I wake up tomorrow morning, look at myself in the mirror, and suddenly decide I’m capable of hitting three pointers in the National Basketball Association. I see myself soaring through the air like Michael Jordan, ball

  • Why ‘It Doesn’t Affect You’ Is (Usually) a Bad Argument

    Why ‘It Doesn’t Affect You’ Is (Usually) a Bad Argument0

    About a month ago, I confronted an odd-looking man who had flagrantly double-parked his beat-up truck in the grocery store parking lot. Not only did he refuse to move; he also seemed incapable of understanding why anyone would have a problem with what he’d done. “What do you care?” he blustered. “You’re already parked, and

  • The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove

    The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove0

    In the month of October, expect political vitriol like you’ve never seen before – all centered on the elections and the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice. No matter what side you’re on – or even if, like me, you’re not ecstatic about any side – the spectacle should teach us a larger lesson