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    C.G. Jones

    C.G. Jones is an author and journalist. He is a Weekend Editor for The Blaze. He reluctantly resides in the Tory Anarchist camp held by H.L. Mencken and George Orwell. Follow him on X @TheMenckenite.

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  • Is It Time to Stop Being Ironic?

    Is It Time to Stop Being Ironic?2

    Amid ongoing political tension and the ubiquity of social media platforms, has sincerity has been overtaken by irony and cynicism? No matter where you turn—film, social media, or news outlets—everything seems to have taken on a tone of cynical irony. What was once an attitude used by mid-20th-century postmodernists to critique culture has now become a

  • ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’: Giving Kids Real Toys, Not Screens

    ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’: Giving Kids Real Toys, Not Screens1

    At a time when action figures and Barbie dollhouses have been replaced by phones, tablets, and computers, it has never been more difficult to fully experience childhood. I recently rewatched one of my favorite films growing up: The Indian in the Cupboard. And while I expected the film to retain its charm, it also made


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