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    C.G. Jones

    C.G. Jones is an author and journalist. He is a Weekend Editor for The Blaze. He reluctantly resides in the Tory Anarchist camp held by H.L. Mencken and George Orwell. Follow him on X @TheMenckenite.

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  • A Case for Ancient Books: Recovering True Happiness

    A Case for Ancient Books: Recovering True Happiness1

    Something important is missing from contemporary fiction and non-fiction. Specifically, I think the majority of books today lack a sense of universality—ideas and perspectives that extend beyond the bounds of the society and culture in which they were written. Certainly, it is essential to read works that reflect our own society and culture, but isn’t

  • Stuck in a Reading Slump?

    Stuck in a Reading Slump?2

    I have found myself in one of the most frustrating places to be as a reader and a writer. And I am sure we have all experienced such a place at one point or another. I am, of course, referring to that paradoxical reality known as a reading slump. The primary symptom of this ailment—at

  • Canadian School Book Ban: High School Removes All Pre-2008 Books

    Canadian School Book Ban: High School Removes All Pre-2008 Books3

    Book banning has become a serious topic of debate throughout the United States and Canada over the past few years, with many left-leaning individuals and organizations calling foul against conservatives who do not believe children should be reading sexually explicit material in the classroom. And while this debate will probably not be resolved anytime soon,

  • AI Is Coming for Art’s Soul

    AI Is Coming for Art’s Soul5

    While AI-based technology has recently been used to summon deepfakes and create a disturbing outline for running a death camp, the ever-pervasive digital juggernaut has also been used to write books under the byline of well-known authors. The Guardian recently reported five books appeared for sale on Amazon that were apparently written by author Jane


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