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    Walker Larson holds a BA in writing and an MA in English literature. Prior to becoming a writer, he taught literature and history at a private academy in Wisconsin. He is the author of two novels, Hologram and Song of Spheres. When not working on his acreage or spending time with family and friends, he blogs about literature and education on his Substack, The Hazelnut.

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  • ‘Overwhelming Oppression’: A COVID Vaccine Injury Story

    ‘Overwhelming Oppression’: A COVID Vaccine Injury Story4

    Craig Norkus thought there was no reason to question the safety of the COVID vaccines. He’d received two shots already with no ill effects, and he, along with the rest of the public, was continuously assured that the vaccines were safe and effective. So on November 3, 2022, he received his third booster, and his

  • Sports and the Need for Heroism

    Sports and the Need for Heroism1

    I’ll be the first to acknowledge the corruption that has entered into modern sports, especially at the professional level. We witness overpaid athletes, self-aggrandizement, the cult of the body, political agendas, and obsession with money and the ephemeral admiration of the masses that passes like a firework: a blaze of glory and then darkness. The

  • Who Was Jean-Jacques Rousseau?

    Who Was Jean-Jacques Rousseau?1

    “Masochist, exhibitionist, neurasthenic, hypochondriac, incapable of normal or parental affection, incipient paranoiac, narcissistic introvert … pathologically timid, a kleptomaniac, infantilist, irritable, and miserly.” This is how one scholar has diagnosed Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Harsh though this may sound, the details of Rousseau’s life (1712–1778) bear out this description. Rousseau’s ideas are at the foundation of the

  • Are Public Schools in Decline? Survey of Teachers Says Yes.

    Are Public Schools in Decline? Survey of Teachers Says Yes.4

    Eighty-two percent of teachers say that the general state of public K-12 education has gotten worse over the past five years. This is according to a new Pew Research Center survey conducted in October and November of 2023. That’s not the only shocking statistic from the survey, either, which overall offers a grim statistical map


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