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    Walker Larson

    Walker Larson teaches literature at a private academy in Wisconsin. When not in the classroom or spending time with family and friends, he blogs about literature and education on his Substack The Hazelnut.

Author's Posts

  • A Farewell to Postmodernism

    A Farewell to Postmodernism2

    It is through wonder that men now begin and originally began to philosophize; wondering in the first place at obvious perplexities, and then by gradual progression raising questions about the greater matters too, e.g. about the changes of the moon

  • How Art Breaks the Curse of the Familiar

    How Art Breaks the Curse of the Familiar5

    “Familiarity breeds contempt” runs the old adage, and contempt leads to ingratitude and unhappiness.

    What makes a husband impatient with his wife, whom he would never have dreamed of snapping at when they were first dating? Familiarity. What makes one’s …

  • Who Funds American Universities? Doubts About the Big Donors

    Who Funds American Universities? Doubts About the Big Donors1

    There’s nothing wrong with billionaires, corporations, and philanthropic organizations giving money to our public and private universities, right? They’re just putting their fortunes to work for the benefit of the American people. They’re advancing our cultural and scientific development out …

  • Film Review: ‘Sound of Freedom’

    Film Review: ‘Sound of Freedom’6

    There’s something rotten at the core of our civilization, a rottenness that has hidden like an undetected cancer under the surface of society for far too long. I speak of the systematic abuse of children on a massive scale through …