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    Heather Carson

    Heather Carson is a homeschooling mother of eight and lives on a hobby farm. She enjoys teaching her children, writing, gardening, and Saturday dates with her husband of 21 years.

Author's Posts

  • Do Teachers Unions Actually Care about Kids?

    Do Teachers Unions Actually Care about Kids?2

    The 1857 formation of teachers unions was intended to elevate the profession of teaching with the ultimate goal of benefiting the students. The basic idea was to professionalize teaching and standardize education for both teachers and students to ensure a good learning experience for all. Unions became a popular means of advocating for various groups

  • An Ode to the Fathers in My Life

    An Ode to the Fathers in My Life1

    Father’s Day is a day that brings up a full spectrum of feeling for me. This is true for several reasons: One, my relationship with my own father was complicated. Two, I’ve had many father figures who filled in where my father left a void: two grandfathers, a father-in-law, a stepfather, and, of course, my

  • Homeschoolers Don’t Need Government Regulation

    Homeschoolers Don’t Need Government Regulation2

    Since 2020, the number of families participating in homeschooling has increased significantly, and with it, discussions about regulations. Currently, regulations of homeschoolers are a state-by-state phenomenon, with Pennsylvania and New York among the states with the most regulations and Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma with the least. Examples of regulations include requiring parents to submit a letter

  • A Homeschooler and Homesteader’s Ode to Spring Things

    A Homeschooler and Homesteader’s Ode to Spring Things1

    Spring has arrived and, with it, all the spring activities of hobby farm life. There is so much to do that I have to work hard to pace myself! April in particular is a very exciting month for homeschooling and homesteading. There is garden planning, flowers to be collected and made into jelly, and nature