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  • Can Technology Save the World?

    Can Technology Save the World?2

    “The high tide!” King Alfred cried.

    “The high tide and the turn!”

    G. K. Chesterton (The Ballad of the White Horse)

    Time and tide wait for no man. Only a fool believes that he can turn back time and only …

  • Karen Driscoll, V*ccine Survivor

    Karen Driscoll, V*ccine Survivor1

    As a registered nurse, Karen Driscoll waited a while before getting the COVID-19 v*ccine because she wasn’t sure it was safe. But those close to her urged her to get it, and her employer said they thought the v*ccine would …

  • What’s Biden Hiding?

    What’s Biden Hiding?1

    2022 is about to end, and still no answer to the question: What caused the virus that’s killed 1,096,000 Americans so far?

    The Washington Post asks, “What is China hiding?” The more answerable question is what is our own government …