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An OB/GYN’s Perspective on the COVID-19 V*ccine

An OB/GYN’s Perspective on the COVID-19 V*ccine

Dr. Kimberly Biss is an exception to the rule of self-interested medical professionals’ ignoring COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions. The Florida-based OB/GYN is one of very few doctors of her type across the nation who are speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccines. And in her professional experience, she’s seen how harmful these vaccines can be, especially on fertility rates.

Since the rollout of the vaccine, Dr. Biss has seen a dramatic increase in miscarriages in the pregnant women she interacts with in her practice.

“The normal miscarriage rate is 5–6 percent,” Dr. Biss said. “In Nov. 2021, a co-worker told me we had eight miscarriages that month—an extraordinary number for us.”

When she got curious about the uptick in miscarriages and began to research it, she found that what she was seeing in some of her patients was happening worldwide. And according to Dr. Biss, birth rates are still down.

She crunched the numbers, accounting for the number of miscarriages at the group where she works (where they see about 30 pregnant patients monthly), beginning in 2020 and continuing to the present. In 2020, the miscarriage rate was just 4 percent. In 2021, that rate increased to 7–8 percent, and in 2022, the rate jumped to 15 percent. By Dec. 2022, the group had a miscarriage rate of 25 percent.

“So far this year, that miscarriage rate is ranging from 12–20 percent,” she said.

One aspect of the pandemic’s mismanagement that’s alarming to Dr. Biss is the eagerness that so many pregnant women displayed in getting the COVID shot. While many women normally do not want to take any medicines besides prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, many women lined up to get the COVID vaccine.

Government officials, most media, most medical professionals, and most university officials for the past few years have been declaring that we all should “follow the science.” Yet, being vaccine injured by these hastily approved medicines is not even a recognized illness by the U.S. medical profession. In fact, many medical professionals are saying patients’ reported symptoms are just the result of menopause, or neurosis.

Being a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Biss hasn’t gotten the shot, but she has survived COVID-19 infection. She and her spouse have two adult children, and none of her immediate family have gotten the jab. She believes in the protection provided by natural immunity.

And while it has been noted by the media that there is no medical code denoting that a person has a vax injury from one of the COVID shots, there is such a code to note that the person has received the COVID vaccine. Indeed, the push for the vaccine, pharmaceutical manufacturers’ immunity from vaccine-injury lawsuits, and the medical community’s near-total disregard of vax-injured people are all just part of how the truth is being suppressed.

Through Freedom of Information Act requests, it has been revealed that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services used a trust to pay millions of dollars to the media, sports entities, Hollywood, medical colleges and boards, the American Medical Association, and others to push the vaccine early in 2021. According to Dr. Biss, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists got $11 million in April 2021 to tell their constituents to promote the “safe and effective” shot.

Even with more than 400,000 Americans reporting their vax injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the U.S. government is still ignoring those injured by medicines that the government insisted were not only necessary but safe.

It’s common in the mainstream media these days to see assertions that the COVID jabs are not only safe and effective in preventing getting the virus but that they are decidedly not gene therapy.

“It is absolutely experimental genetic therapy,” Dr. Biss said, countering the mainstream narrative.

Those few journalists who question the safety of the mRNA vaccines—and especially those reporters saying these types of vaccines are being set up to be used for many other vaccines—are scoffed at by many as conspiracy theorists. But that’s exactly what’s happening with these vaccines.

“I feel the COVID-19 vaccines were a practice run for this kind of technology,” Dr. Biss said. “I’ve heard over 100 vaccines will be based on this [mRNA] genetics platform, which is unsafe and which is causing problems.”

Dr. Biss believes drug manufacturers knew the vaccines were harmful even before the shots were approved. She explains that in the Pfizer trial men were instructed to be extra careful when having sex by wearing two condoms.

The medical establishment has also pressured health care workers to not speak out on these issues, as Dr. Biss knows firsthand. In Oct. 2022, she attended a conference regarding vaccine adverse reactions, and she spoke with Steve Kirsch, who opposes the COVID-19 vaccines. Later she did a video on the topic with him and got in trouble with an employer for doing it.

Of course, it’s also been known for a while that the government admits these medicines are causing myocarditis and other health problems. The incidence of people of a variety of ages dropping dead after getting the jab is so widespread that by now, too, many Americans have noticed the troubling trend. Not to mention other alarming patterns: Women have gone into premature menopause after getting the jab, and women in menopause are bleeding since getting the jab. And then there are the increased miscarriages and decreased birthrates.

With all the cover-ups and lies, what’s to be done about the widespread institutionalization of such evil?

“People need to be held accountable,” Dr. Biss said. “The fact that medical professionals have been gaslighting patients and claiming there’s no such thing as COVID-19 vaccine injury has caused a lot of suicides because injured people can’t get treatment for their injuries and lose hope.”

To fix the corrupt medical establishment, Dr. Biss proposes several reforms. “We need to get the government out of medicine,” she said. “We need to get rid of all pharmaceutical advertising.”

Other doctors have lost their jobs for expressing views like those voiced by Dr. Biss. So, why does she speak out?

“After seeing what was happening with my patients, I just couldn’t stay quiet anymore,” Dr. Biss said. “I won’t lose my medical license because I’m in Florida. But I might lose my job.”

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Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes

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    May 31, 2023, 9:43 pm

    Dr. Biss, thank you for sharing your experiences and risking your job to help others. You are light and an inspiration to us all!

  • Avatar
    June 1, 2023, 3:43 am

    Please provide links to Dr Biss’ medical writings for these claims.

    • Avatar
      June 2, 2023, 2:41 pm

      I am somewhat surprised that the FBI Internet Intervention Center has already targeted the I/T pages.

  • Avatar
    June 3, 2023, 1:55 pm

    more info on thecovidblog.com


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