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Casting a Vision for Our Civilization’s Renewal

Casting a Vision for Our Civilization’s Renewal

My name is Kurt Mahlburg. I am a husband, a father, and a writer at Intellectual Takeout. Previously, I have worked as an elementary school teacher, a youth pastor, and a cross-cultural worker. I am also a published author.

I consider it a great privilege to be part of a nonprofit organization that is—to quote our mandate—“defending and advancing the philosophical and spiritual foundations of Western Civilization.” In tumultuous times like ours, there could hardly be a better cause.

Recognizing the great cultural challenges that lie before us, Intellectual Takeout is looking to scale up. While honoring our core audience, we want to broaden our appeal to younger readers. This will involve greater use of video and a stronger presence on social media. It also means giving a platform to the next generation of conservative voices.

More than ever before, we are taking aim at the flimsy intellectual base of the leftist media and replacing it with values that have stood the test of time and that elevate faith, family, community, and the sanctity of human life. In short, we are laying the groundwork for the next great awakening in America.

Your generosity will make a difference in this fight. The battle for the soul of the West is above all a hearts-and-minds campaign. When you donate to Intellectual Takeout, you are sending to the frontlines an army of independent thinkers who are waging a war on the woke mind virus and casting a vision for our civilization’s renewal.

Thank you for your partnership and generosity as we seek to change the culture. Every donation makes a difference.

-Kurt Mahlburg

Kurt Mahlburg
Kurt Mahlburg

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