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  • The Vanishing Hardy Boys

    The Vanishing Hardy Boys1

    Gone are the days of the Renaissance Man; the polymath ideal of humanism; man is the center of the universe and he should embrace the search for all knowledge because man alone has the limitless capacity for development! Alberti, the architect, painter, poet, scientist, horseman, and mathematician; Da Vinci, the artist, painter, inventor, musician, scientist, and writer;

  • Light in the Darkness: We Need Your Help to Keep It Bright

    Light in the Darkness: We Need Your Help to Keep It Bright2

    My son’s house sits at the crest of a hill in a valley in the mountains of western North Carolina. On a recent visit, I was up at 4 a.m.—I’m an early riser—sipping coffee on the deck and looking at the litter of stars in the sky on that clear October night. Other than two

  • Standing Up For Free Speech

    Standing Up For Free Speech0

    When I was talking recently with Suzanna, a COVID vaccine–injured American and advocate who we are profiling in Intellectual Takeout, the question arose of why she speaks on the harms of the vaccine despite her physical maladies resulting from it and the potential consequences she faces for doing so. “Why do you do it?” she

  • How You Can Help ‘Intellectual Takeout’ Restore the Culture

    How You Can Help ‘Intellectual Takeout’ Restore the Culture0

    When my third grandchild was recently born, I was wonderfully reminded why I am involved with Intellectual Takeout as the leader of its parent organization, the Charlemagne Institute: Both these things point to the things that really matter in life. Our articles are signposts toward truth. When reading an article on education, a reader might

  • Casting a Vision for Our Civilization’s Renewal

    Casting a Vision for Our Civilization’s Renewal0

    My name is Kurt Mahlburg. I am a husband, a father, and a writer at Intellectual Takeout. Previously, I have worked as an elementary school teacher, a youth pastor, and a cross-cultural worker. I am also a published author. I consider it a great privilege to be part of a nonprofit organization that is—to quote

  • Help Us Preserve Rational Discourse This Thanksgiving

    Help Us Preserve Rational Discourse This Thanksgiving1

    Dear Intellectual Takeout Reader,   As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the values that built our nation and keep it strong— values rooted in American principles.   This Thanksgiving, consider giving the gift of knowledge and fostering meaningful conversations around the dinner table. We’ve all heard the Thanksgiving stereotype of


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