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  • Casting a Vision for Our Civilization’s Renewal

    Casting a Vision for Our Civilization’s Renewal0

    My name is Kurt Mahlburg. I am a husband, a father, and a writer at Intellectual Takeout. Previously, I have worked as an elementary school teacher, a youth pastor, and a cross-cultural worker. I am also a published author. I consider it a great privilege to be part of a nonprofit organization that is—to quote

  • Help Us Preserve Rational Discourse This Thanksgiving

    Help Us Preserve Rational Discourse This Thanksgiving1

    Dear Intellectual Takeout Reader,   As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the values that built our nation and keep it strong— values rooted in American principles.   This Thanksgiving, consider giving the gift of knowledge and fostering meaningful conversations around the dinner table. We’ve all heard the Thanksgiving stereotype of

  • How You Can Help Restore American Culture

    How You Can Help Restore American Culture0

    Culture, as G.K. Chesterton said, is “the art of growing things.” Here at Intellectual Takeout, we’re doing our part to grow a healthy and vibrant American culture founded on the restoration of faith, family, and community. How are we doing that? We’re growing our readership, with an emphasis on a younger audience who is too

  • Standing for Faith, Family, and Freedom

    Standing for Faith, Family, and Freedom0

    My name is Benjamin Lambright, and I am Intellectual Takeout’s new director. I’m here for my family, for my father, and to help change America. We are already at work on some exciting projects for the future of Intellectual Takeout, which you can read here. But as excited as I am, it wasn’t an easy

  • Why I Support ‘Intellectual Takeout’

    Why I Support ‘Intellectual Takeout’3

    I’m a young traditionalist. Those are fighting words these days, I know! But I’m here to fight. I’m a religious wife, mother, novelist, writer, and special educator under the age of 30. I currently stay at home to raise my two toddler sons, and, God willing, more children in the future. I spend my time


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