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Standing Up For Free Speech

Standing Up For Free Speech

When I was talking recently with Suzanna, a COVID vaccine–injured American and advocate who we are profiling in Intellectual Takeout, the question arose of why she speaks on the harms of the vaccine despite her physical maladies resulting from it and the potential consequences she faces for doing so.

“Why do you do it?” she asked me in return. I gave a rambling answer and finally got to the heart of it: “You tell the truth regardless of whether you’re sure you can win the battle. You tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do.”

And I added, “Because if you don’t tell the truth, who will?”

It’s a familiar question to many of the people I’ve been lucky to write about for ITO. Faced with a life-threatening illness from a government-mandated experimental medicine, many of these vaccine-injured folks are taking their pain and transforming it into caring for others. These folks and other vaccine-injured Americans are telling their stories, though, in many cases, doing so has isolated them from friends, family, and employment.

Why do they do it? I think they’ve got the joy in their hearts for humanity, and for life itself. They want to honor their fellow man with the truth because it’s right, and good, and helpful, and because they know so many others desperately need help.

So, they try to tell their stories, plainly and factually, despite social media censorship and labels of “misinformation.”

Vaccine-injured people have been fired from their jobs, lost their homes, been alienated from their families and friends. And yet our government has turned a blind eye to these folks’ pain and suffering.

The government and Big Tech are trying to snuff out these truths, like boy scouts stamping out small blazes amidst a huge forest fire. It’s an impossible task, made rather easier by algorithms they use to “shadow ban” or erase facts about the harms of the vaccine. But their freedom-hating plan will never work. They cannot eliminate the truth, and the more we tell the truth, the more the truth can set us all free.

Kind readers, thank you for reading Intellectual Takeout, for spreading the word about us, and for your generosity.

Maybe you can’t speak out against the vaccine or any of the pressing issues covered in this publication. Even so, you still can help us defend the right to free speech. By supporting Intellectual Takeout with your donation, you’ll give voice to the marginalized and let freedom ring for generations to come.

-Jonathan Barnes


Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes

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