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The Confusing Logic of Gender Ideology: A Quiz

The Confusing Logic of Gender Ideology: A Quiz

No one should accept the new transgender ideology unless he can answer the following 10 questions with answers that actually make sense:

1. If it is “impossible for a man to feel what a woman feels” (as men are often told), then how could a man ever “transition” to a woman because he “feels like a woman,” since he cannot feel like a woman since he is a man? And wouldn’t he therefore be unable to transition from a man to a woman on the basis that he “feels like a woman”?

2. If you say you “feel like a woman” and the only difference between a man and a woman is how you feel, then what does “feel like a woman” mean other than feeling like someone who feels like a woman?

3. If there are no such things as “gender-binaries” (male on one side and female on the other), as the gender deniers claim, then what can it possibly mean to “transition” from a male (binary #1) to a female (binary #2)?

4. If gender and sex are two entirely different things–one being how you feel and the other being what you are biologically (and being essentially unrelated), then why does medical transition involve changing the transitioning person’s biological characteristics?

5. How can anyone say they are “trapped in the wrong body” when they are biologically male and identify as female, or vice-versa, if there is no essential relationship between biological sex and gender? Doesn’t the expression “wrong body” assume that male feelings naturally and essentially go with male bodies and female feelings with female bodies?

6. If there are none of those evil, hateful gender binaries, then why do transgender men often present themselves in what were formerly masculine modes of dress and take on masculine characteristics and transgender women who identify as females dress in traditionally feminine dress? Isn’t this just furthering gender stereotypes? (Check out Caitlyn Jenner.)

7. If gender is only accidentally related to biological sex, then why does virtually all the terminology in the gay and transgender lexicon assume gender binaries (“androgynous”: having the characteristics of both male and female; “transition”: go from a male to a female; etc.)?

8. If male and female minds are substantially equal and identical (and don’t you dare question this if you value your life) then what can it possibly mean to say that someone “has a male brain in a female body” or vice-versa, as is often said by and about transgender people?

9. If gender is “socially constructed” (dictated by the culture you grew up in), then how could anyone (at least anyone consistently towing the gender theory party line) believe that sexual orientation is innate–rather than socially constructed, like everything else?

10. If your sexuality is not essentially related to biology, then why are gay “scholars” still looking for a gay gene?

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