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  • The Intolerance of the Tolerant

    The Intolerance of the Tolerant4

    If you’re going to be intolerant, it’s not a good look to do it in the name of tolerance. 

  • How the Hallmark Channel Saved Christmas

    How the Hallmark Channel Saved Christmas0

    While conservative media have spent the last few holiday seasons bemoaning the “War on Christmas,” one television network is actually doing something about it. Using the cultural weapons of heartwarming settings, wholesome plotlines, and endearing characters, the Hallmark Channel has spent the last decade vanquishing the enemies of Christmas, who now lie prostrate on the

  • Glenn Youngkin’s Simple Playbook for Winning Virginia

    Glenn Youngkin’s Simple Playbook for Winning Virginia0

    In the aftermath of Glenn Youngkin’s win in the Virginia gubernatorial race, the victorious Republican appears to have written the playbook for the resurgence of his party. Youngkin taught three lessons in his victorious schooling of Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Lesson number one: Campaign on issues people care about. Virginians cared about education, they cared about

  • Wokeness Is No Laughing Matter

    Wokeness Is No Laughing Matter1

    I remember once hearing someone who dealt with such things point out that there was one particular trait characterizing all cult religions: the lack of a sense of humor, not only with regard to others, but in relation to themselves as well. Cult religions, after all, are usually obsessed with one doctrine, to which all


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