In the months leading up to the election, we could all sense that racial tensions were on the rise. And in the minds of many, Donald Trump wasn’t helping those tensions any with his comments about building a wall and sending illegal immigrants back to their country of origin.

So in the wake of Donald Trump’s historic win, it’s a bit surprising to see the voting breakdown by demographics. Judging from what the media labeled as Trump’s supremely racist comments, one would have expected Trump to have a few paltry percentage points of the minority vote. Instead, he actually gained ground on what Mitt Romney received in 2012. Other exit polls show Trump winning roughly 3 out of 10 voters from the entire non-white vote.

CNN Exit Poll

These results are particularly remarkable when one considers the Latino vote, which it seems Trump should have alienated by his quest to “build a wall.” What gives?

 Is it possible that Latino and Black voters didn’t completely bail on Trump because they actually agree with his ideas on this issue? Are they, like many in working class America, being hurt by illegal immigration more than we realize?

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore