According to Reuters, in the wake of the Orlando Massacre 50% of Americans now agree that the “United States should temporarily stop all Muslims from entering the United States.” Here’s the chart: 

As you probably noticed, there was a huge swing since the Orlando Massacre. Here are the numbers just prior to the Islamic terrorist act: 

That’s an incredible change that shows the emotional response to the terrorist act. Just prior to the attack, 53% were opposed to the idea and 43% were in support. Just after the attack, 50% are in support and 42% are opposed.

Additionally, the wording of the poll is quite broad. It isn’t about temporarily stopping immigration, but the actual entrance of all Muslims into the United States. That’s exceedingly strong language. Will the emotional response continue or will opinions change the further away from the event we get? If they don’t, does this mark a lasting change in American opinions and perspectives? We shall see, we shall see. 

(Image: Shutter Stock)