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  • George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation: What a Different Era

    George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation: What a Different Era1

    (This story was originally published by Intellectual Takeout on November 22, 2017.)

    Thanksgiving is a quintessential American holiday. It is a holiday that in many ways requires some sense of the supernatural – whether we care to acknowledge it or

  • I’m the Last One

    I’m the Last One0

    For over a week now, Anders Koskinen, our associate editor and an administrator for our social media channels, has been banned from posting both on Intellectual Takeout’s Facebook page and a personal page. Yesterday, Annie Holmquist was prohibited from posting

  • Biden: How Do You Lie Like That?

    Biden: How Do You Lie Like That?0

    Lying politicians with morphing political positions are nothing new.

    Yet usually there is an art to political lying; when done properly it leaves most Americans irritated, but not insulted and outraged. Unfortunately for former Vice President Joe Biden, the lie

  • Black Fathers: Where Are You?

    Black Fathers: Where Are You?0

    In a new low for popular culture, it’s now a thing to film yourself on Tik Tok listening to Blueface rap about abortion in his song “Baby,” then literally throwing your baby off-camera, and finally twerking for your viewers.