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  • George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation: What a Different Era

    George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation: What a Different Era0

    (This story was originally published by Intellectual Takeout on November 22, 2017.) Thanksgiving is a quintessential American holiday. It is a holiday that in many ways requires some sense of the supernatural – whether we care to acknowledge it or not. Below you will find our first President’s proclamation of Thanksgiving in which his sense of

  • I’m the Last One

    I’m the Last One0

    For over a week now, Anders Koskinen, our associate editor and an administrator for our social media channels, has been banned from posting both on Intellectual Takeout’s Facebook page and a personal page. Yesterday, Annie Holmquist was prohibited from posting as well, completely unable to do anything. Here’s the warning Annie received: For some odd reason my

  • Biden: How Do You Lie Like That?

    Biden: How Do You Lie Like That?0

    Lying politicians with morphing political positions are nothing new. Yet usually there is an art to political lying; when done properly it leaves most Americans irritated, but not insulted and outraged. Unfortunately for former Vice President Joe Biden, the lie witnessed at the second and final presidential debate was not that kind. Late in the

  • Black Fathers: Where Are You?

    Black Fathers: Where Are You?0

    In a new low for popular culture, it’s now a thing to film yourself on Tik Tok listening to Blueface rap about abortion in his song “Baby,” then literally throwing your baby off-camera, and finally twerking for your viewers. Here’s an example: So Blueface is promoting a TikTok challenge where you toss an actual baby/toddler


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