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  • The Root of Our Troubles

    The Root of Our Troubles0

    (This story was originally published by Intellectual Takeout on January 28, 2019.) Like you, I’m horrified by the exponential growth in social chaos and totalitarian impulses ravaging our country. It seems as though nothing makes sense, there isn’t a unifying cause tying together the upheaval of American culture. Of course, that’s the nature of chaos,

  • Why Can’t We Handle Silence?

    Why Can’t We Handle Silence?0

    For Lent in 2018, I gave up noise. No music in the car, headphones at work, or background music while I did projects at home. It was exceptionally difficult, and hammered home to me how dependent we are on anything that will distract us from our existence. Honestly, everything we do needs a soundtrack. I

  • Notre Dame Burns. As Does Our Civilization?

    Notre Dame Burns. As Does Our Civilization?0

    Nine-hundred years of heritage and beauty were left in smoldering ashes today after a fire consumed the once-great Cathedral of Notre Dame.    Back in college, and before I converted to Catholicism, I had the great fortune of visiting the Cathedral. Unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough. As a typical college kid, I went

  • Covington: Stay Strong, Boys!

    Covington: Stay Strong, Boys!0

    Boys, in you I see my own teenage sons. Shoulder to shoulder they will stand with you and march into the culture war that you are unfortunately inheriting.   You have been through a lot already:   1) Yesterday was supposed to be a day of celebration for my middle brother Alex, who got married last