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  • Is Tucker Right?

    Is Tucker Right?0

    Recently, Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Show, opined that the free market isn’t always good for families. Naturally, all hell broke loose from many corners of the conservative and libertarian movements.   As almost anyone who works within those movements knows, the free market is not to be questioned. But should it

  • Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis: PA AG Says He Has Evidence That Vatican Knew

    Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis: PA AG Says He Has Evidence That Vatican Knew0

    Can you imagine a worse job than being in law enforcement with the duty of investigating cases of child sex abuse? How that must leave a person permanently scarred in soul and mind – and how that person must burn with a desire for justice.   A few weeks ago, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro

  • Pedophilia & the Pope: Did He Cover It Up?0

    It is no light matter to allege or outright accuse any man, let alone the Pope, of covering up pedophilia. What is before you is an account of the outbreak of the current sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and the events that have led to questions about what Pope Francis knew and when

  • Portland: A Preview of Civil War?

    Portland: A Preview of Civil War?0

    Last week, Rasmussen Reports released a poll that revealed 31% of Americans think a U.S. civil war is likely soon. 59% of all voters are concerned that “those opposed to President Trump’s policies will resort to violence.”   On Saturday, June 30, a group called Patriot Prayer held a free-speech rally and march after applying


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