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  • A New Migration Begins?

    A New Migration Begins?0

    As Americans, we are accustomed to a variety of contemporary migration patterns. Business owners in blue states often sell their businesses and then retire to Florida’s more friendly tax environment. For those blue state business owners who are tired of high taxes, but still have a desire to keep growing and flourishing, they often move

  • It’s Worse Than Cultural Marxism

    It’s Worse Than Cultural Marxism0

    Like pagan Danes sweeping through Christendom, rioters pillaged and torched my city of Minneapolis. The results are devastating. For several miles, you can drive along Lake St., the epicenter of the rioting, and witness one burned-out building after another interspersed with piles of rubble where some once stood. Those buildings still standing are often still

  • The Will to Power: Welcome to Our New Paradigm

    The Will to Power: Welcome to Our New Paradigm0

    We are passing from the modern age to the postmodern age. If the modern age rested upon the idea of objective truths with reason as our guide, the postmodern age rests upon the rejection of the objective and the embracing of the personal, the belief that truth is relative to the individual.   Nietzsche gave

  • What Is a Washingtonian Foreign Policy?

    What Is a Washingtonian Foreign Policy?0

    Wars and rumors of wars abound. Some want us to see Russia as our perpetual enemy. China, realistically, can be counted as a threat. But to what end? Then there is the desire for a permanent alliance with Israel. Others talk of a U.S. military incursion into Venezuela or Iran. And, of course, there was


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