It seems that every week or even every few days we’re treated to another example of college students blocking free speech, shouting down a speaker, or thoroughly disrupting an event. What’s surprising is who is doing it.

All of these videos so far have been self-acclaimed “social justice warriors” on the Left or members of #BlackLivesMatter. They denounce intolerance, hate, bigotry, etc. at all times, but seem to be the biggest hypocrites when it comes to letting others voice opposing views. They seem to have no tolerance for what they deem intolerance, but demand everyone tolerate their behavior. If this is the future of public discourse and government in the future, you might want to get ready for social chaos and then Caesar. Such is the way of history.

Here is the video of Milo Yiannopoulos, an openly gay, “alt-Right” speaker, being blocked from speaking at DePaul University while security does nothing to restore order. Whatever you think of the speaker, should his right to free speech not be preserved?

Imagine if the races were reversed. What if it was Whites shutting down a Black speaker and assaulting him in the face? What would DePaul University do?