Strangely enough, the odd malaise and pessimism that occupies our times isn’t unique to this decade. It has been building for some time now as we of the West have moved further from our roots and the natural order of things.

Check out this excerpt from Will Durant’s On the Meaning of Life from 1932:

“This is the essential diagnosis of our time. It is not merely great wars that have plunged us into pessimism, much less the economic depression of these recent years; we have to do here with something far deeper than a temporary diminution of our wealth, or even the death of millions of men; it is not our homes and our treasuries that are empty, it is our ‘hearts.’ It seems impossible any longer to believe in the permanent greatness of man, or to give life a meaning that cannot be annulled by death. We move into an age of spiritual exhaustion and despondency…”

Is it true, are we spiritually exhausted. Have we spent too much time focusing on the material while neglecting the “heart”?