In discussions concerning the pros and cons of homeschooling, it’s not all that uncommon to see public school teachers butt heads with homeschool parents and supporters. But according to a recent news report out of Virginia, one public school teacher has embraced homeschooling wholeheartedly:

“At her family’s home in Albemarle County, Mary Soisson homeschooled her first two children and is currently homeschooling her youngest three.

The mother of five was once a public school teacher who decided she wanted to teach her own kids.

‘There’s lots of different ways to educate your children but homeschooling was the right choice for us,’ said Soisson.”

She goes on:

“Soisson said the choice provided the unique opportunity to allow her kids to learn in a more intimate setting.

‘Having taught in a classroom with 23 kids, I have every respect for teachers but it’s very hard to reach all those education highs and lows and fit the uniqueness of the children in a classroom that big,’ she said.”

Mary Soisson’s decision to homeschool her children was obviously not based on a hatred of public schools or their teachers. Rather, it was based on her knowledge of the public school classroom, which she recognizes is unable to cater to the many different learning styles and needs of so many children at once.

Image Credit: Ken Harper/Creative Commons