We all know that education is incredibly important. But is there more to it than simply the three Rs? Absolutely.

One of the components that is often discussed by the public, but not always addressed in schools is character development. For that reason, MomThink.org is hosting a special webinar on October 7 from 12:30-2:00 Eastern? to discuss one of the intangible aspects of education – the molding of the character and spirits of our children.

The webinar will feature the following educators:

Alan Fortescue

Alan is the High School Director of Oak Meadow, a fully accredited distance-learning curriculum founded in 1975.

Oak Meadow was founded by a group of parents and teachers seeking to reignite their children’s spark for learning. Believing that children are sensitive and intelligent and that learning can be joyfully integrated into life, their approach was progressive, compassionate, and child- centered.

Since 1975, tens of thousands of families have used Oak Meadow independently. They enroll up to 600 students each year, and they have come from every U.S. state and from 59 countries.

Alan Fortescue holds a PhD in Education and Leadership from the University of Virginia, and he earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in literature. Alan has extensive experience in teaching and leadership in higher and experiential education.

Rebekah Hagstrom, M.A.

As the main founder of Liberty Classical Academy, Rebekah Hagstrom serves as headmaster of the school. Rebekah received a Bachelor of Science degree in communication disorders (summa cum laude) and a Master of Arts degree in speech pathology from the University of Minnesota. Rebekah began her career as a speech pathologist with Regions Hospital (St. Paul, MN) and also served in several leadership roles with her home church. While raising their four children, Rebekah and her husband, Peter, experienced public education, private college prep schools, and private faith-based schools. With these school options falling short of their educational expectations, Rebekah and her husband, Peter, along with several other parents, founded Liberty Classical Academy in 2003.

Albert Cheng

After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in 2006 with a degree in pure mathematics, Albert Cheng taught algebra, statistics, and pre-calculus at James Logan High School in Union City, California.  In 2010, he enrolled in Biola University to pursue graduate studies in education with a focus on policy.  Since earning a Master’s of Education in 2012, he moved from his native California to Fayetteville, Arkansas where he is currently a Distinguished Doctoral Fellow and a Ph.D. student in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, where he is affiliated with The Character Assessment Initiative (Charassein) and the School Choice Demonstration Project (SCDP). Some of his research interests are school mission and organizational coherency, noncognitive skills, civic values, religious schools, and school choice.


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