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    Devin Foley

    Devin Foley is the co-founder of Intellectual Takeout and former CEO of Charlemagne Institute.

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  • Being Emotional Is Not an Argument

    Being Emotional Is Not an Argument0

    Discourse, especially in schools, is miserable these days. As Randall Smith, the Scanlan Professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, argues, there are only three options when it comes to uncomfortable topics, “Non-judgmentalism, furious indignation, or ironic detachment.” How he describes his experiences teaching at the college level goes a long way

  • The Real Reform of Education

    The Real Reform of Education1

    Unlike any other point in the prior four decades, the push to reform the education system through school choice has serious political support and is likely to be passed in many states in the coming years. Over time, education reformers have met with success in showing how the education system, despite sucking up ever more


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