Last night’s Facebook post touched upon the pitfalls of following your passion when it comes to a college major. As many know from experience, studying what you want does not always result in your desired salary, and it may very well result in no job at all.

Many of our audience members joke about what types of majors are a bad idea in today’s job market. Usually majors in the liberal arts are the butt of their jokes.

For the sake of seeing if they’re right, we’ve provided Kiplinger’s list of the “10 Worst College Majors for Your Career 2015-2016.” Their selections are based on an analysis of starting salary, mid-career salary, annual job postings, and projected 10-year job growth:

1. Culinary Arts

2. Music

3. Child and Family Studies

4. Animal Science

5. Radio and Television

6. Interior Design

7. Drama

8. Education

9. Art

10. Graphic Design

Granted, potential earnings are not everything, and passion still counts for something. But some of today’s college students may want to do a better job of taking both into consideration.