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Why I Support ‘Intellectual Takeout’

Why I Support ‘Intellectual Takeout’

I’m a young traditionalist. Those are fighting words these days, I know! But I’m here to fight. I’m a religious wife, mother, novelist, writer, and special educator under the age of 30. I currently stay at home to raise my two toddler sons, and, God willing, more children in the future. I spend my time mothering, investing in my extended family and community, and writing to support other traditionalists like myself.

I am the very thing the progressive left is trying to eradicate. And you probably are, too.

Young conservative families are on the front lines of this culture war. We face the daily onslaught of biased media, hostile public schools, and ongoing religious oppression. Our children are growing up in the middle of this battlefield. I want my sons to have all the tools and resources they need to stand their ground and win this war with me. Intellectual Takeout (ITO) is one of those tools. And we’re growing!

ITO is on the verge of a huge expansion. As director Ben Lambright said, “ITO was a sleeping giant in the conservative movement, but we are waking up!” We are on the verge of launching brand new video content, available across all of the ITO platforms. We are looking forward to making a podcast and other social media outreach programs, all of which will continue to offer continued commitment to the conservative beliefs and traditional values we stand by. What better way to truly reach out to the next generation?

This revitalization can’t happen without support from our audience. My request today is for you to consider offering a show of financial support for our team. ITO is pouring all its time, energy, and resources into fighting the conservative media battle. We want you to know that every dollar helps.

It’s easy to lose perspective in the digital media war. It might seem that teams of media moguls are making the most impact on either the left or the right side. Honestly, that’s not true. Those who make the most impact are people like you and me, families on the front lines of this culture war. We are raising the next generations, and we face the constant onslaught of media bias in our daily lives. ITO is here to support us, offering us unbiased news, relevant content, and encouraging solutions. Let’s fight this war and win together.

I will see you in the pages of Intellectual Takeout!

–Cadence McManimon


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  • Avatar
    November 13, 2023, 5:50 pm

    "I’m a religious wife, mother, novelist, writer, and special educator under the age of 30."

    Hm, so after reading some of your posts, I have a potentially major concern, in case you don't mind clearing this up.

    Too often I see "traditionalism" as a license among women for their husbands to be their wage-slaves and support their wives in their actual passions. You speak of Christianity: over 80% of Christian writing is from women. Christian media is overwhelmingly produced by women and not men.

    And this is basically why: married women have their husbands working as their pack-mules for them to pursue what they actually feel like, such as your list as being a novelist and writer.

    So my question is: were you a successful novelist and writer before being married? Are you doing these things to equally support the family financially, so as to be his "suitable helper" for him with this? Does he have similar amounts of time to pursue his genuine interests and experience enrichment beyond what's necessary for making money? Or, are you using your husband's financial support in order to support your passions, while he doesn't have time for such things for himself?

    Men have extremely little influence and input into the culture — as mentioned, women are overwhelmingly the source of Christian media (and it really, really shows, in the result of the gynocentric direction for Christian culture). I often see that the reason is because of wives who have plenty of time to write and produce media thanks to the fact that their husbands are working all the time and totally unable to do such things themselves. As a Christian, I do not believe that God said that He would make Adam a "suitable helper" just so that she would cause his own sense of direction, purpose and value to utterly vaporize in favor of making her world what she feels like she wants. Whereas, "she does him good, not harm, all the days of her life."

    And as I said in another response:
    Proverbs 31:24
    She makes linen garments and sells them,
    and supplies the merchants with sashes.

    You cannot declare that a woman doesn't help her husband (hence "suitable helper") by making money, as the Proverbs 31 woman certainly does.

    Sorry if that sounds a bit "guilty until proven innocent," which is unfair to you of course. But, I've seen this kind of thing happen with traditional "Christian" women many times: they can write, make blogs, or otherwise input into the culture and produce media, whereas very few men can, thanks to their husbands being their wage-slaves.

    • Avatar
      Cadence McManimon@JC4JC
      November 15, 2023, 2:39 pm

      Hello again! You seem to be a dedicated reader of my work here, thank you for your time.

      Your comments across multiple posts are quite passionate about the theory of traditional women using men only as "beasts of burden." I'd recommend you reach out to our director Mr. Lambright, and see if they are interested in featuring this topic on ITO content. (Or if you are one of those men you mentioned who's interested in pursuing writing, consider pitching articles of your own!)

      As for your many personal questions and allegations: I keep my private life quite separate from my professional life. Feel free to explore the rest of my work from the past seven years–found on my website –if you have further interest in my work history.

      Thank you for reading!

      • Avatar
        JC4JC@Cadence McManimon
        November 16, 2023, 7:08 am

        "I keep my private life quite separate from my professional life. "

        Normally I would 100% agree with you to compartmentalize personal life versus the concepts being explored in discussion. Ad hominems muddy any discussion. The discussion should be about the message, not the messenger, no matter the condition of the messenger. But the difference here is that you've referenced your personal life and personal methods as a subject and model for traditionalism; those are put forth as a lot of the terms of the model itself. If the writer references his or her methods as a model, how could you claim that scrutiny of that model is outside the scope of the discussion? All that said, I won't act entitled about it either. I'll just offer the chance for some awareness of an alternative viewpoint (that also isn't "feminist" and is rooted in Scripture).

        Yes, the rising YouTuber Pearl Davis ("JustPearlyThings") has about 1.8 million subscribers right now and just recently made a spot-on analysis of "tradcon" (traditional conservative) wives also, having criticized both feminism and tradcon women with the same observation: freedom to do what she wants, making him to be the slave for her. It was a different story when a housewife really did have to do things like handwash everything and raise seven children than with the modern world; being a housewife once actually made a woman busy enough that her time would be just about as scarce as her husband's. With all the hype of men being "leaders," who is actually leading when he's eaten alive by his obligation and the woman who has time afforded her by him is the only one with time to put real, actual input into the culture with writing? Again, it's a veiled method of enslaving men, not supporting, not being a "suitable helper," let alone a Proverbs 31 woman (which, by the way, is a great example from a woman toward a man for how a man can be a good bride of Christ! 1 Peter 3).

        It would be interesting to see how a conservative outlet responds to the thoughts from sources like MGTOW, the manosphere, or the red pill with actual reasoned-out thoughts. It would probably be a difficult proposition since it's so heavily controlled by women with time on their hands (as mentioned). They don't want to know, but the fact is, the numbers of men who are waking up to this enslavement are skyrocketing and will be harder to ignore.

        Ecclesiastes 7:26
        "I find more bitter than death the woman who is a snare, whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains."

        Who knows, though? Maybe it's worth a shot on the basis that these views represent FAR more men (and women too, actually!) than many would like to know, but will find themselves forced to acknowledge and accurately represent.

        On the other hand, I DO want to emphasize a collaborative approach to sell it as something benefiting mutual interests: it's good for a woman to genuinely support her husband, indeed for some of the rewards that you mentioned. The extreme example is the male suicide rate: men can't do anything for women if they're dead, so even for that reason alone, consider investing in men (such as, contributing to research about sources and solutions for depression in younger men).


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