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Not Your School’s Reading List: The Whole Bookshelf

Not Your School’s Reading List: The Whole Bookshelf

Over the past seven months, we’ve published a reading list every other week. As we say before each list:

At Intellectual Takeout, we strive to offer not only commentary on current events but also tangible advice for engaging with our increasingly chaotic world. That’s why we’re proud to present this ongoing series of literature recommendations.

Across these months, we’ve run 16 book lists, and at 10 texts in each list, we’ve recommended 160 titles!

This week, we’re rounding up all these lists in a navigable format. Click through to each one to review your favorites or catch up on any you missed. Join us on this reading journey.

1. Books to Understand Our World

These works have helped us and many others deepen their understanding of both the state of the world today and how it got there. We hope they prove engaging and informative for you as well.

2. God and the Human Condition

These works examine our culture’s Judeo-Christian religious heritage. While we don’t necessarily agree with all the viewpoints in these books, every author presents interesting and influential ideas on religious ethics, and each text provides insightful commentary on the tenets of the Christian faith, its influence on our society, and its unfortunate decline.

3. Fiction for the Ages

These fictional stories have timeless themes and insight into reality, in addition to being enjoyable tales in their own right.

4. The Faith in Verse

Musing on topics like nature, ordinary life, and war—all within a Christian perspective—these poets show how faithfulness and Christianity intersect with all areas of life, all within the package of thoughtful, eloquent words.

5. What Happened to America?

These ten books discuss the crisis in the American political climate and reveal how we’ve arrived at our current state.

6. Great Men and Their Deeds

In these books, you’ll encounter extraordinary men and the often-tragic circumstances they journeyed through. From explorers to soldiers to writers to scholars, the men behind these autobiographies, journals, and letters led fascinating lives.

7. Great Women and Their Deeds

Extraordinary women and the history they lived through feature in these texts. From monarchs to scholars to pioneers, the women behind these letters, diaries, and biographies have led incredible lives.

8. Adventures, Spies, and More for Young Boys & More Adventures for Young Boys

Whether you’re reading the more challenging books to a 6-year-old or handing all these tomes off to a 12-year-old, these books are perfect for your son, grandson, young brother, cousin, or neighbor. From learning about history, getting engrossed in a classic story, or finding a new pastime like chess, even the most reluctant reader will find these texts to bring hours of entertainment.

9. Fairy Tales, Animal Stories, and More for Young Girls & More Stories for Young Girls

Whether you’re reading the more challenging books to a 6-year-old or handing all these tomes off to a 12-year-old, these texts are perfect for your daughter, granddaughter, young sister, cousin, or neighbor. Avid and reluctant readers alike will find fairy tales, adventures, and stories of animals to capture their imagination.

10. Inspiring Tales for Young Men & More Inspiring Books for Young Men

Perfect for middle and high school–age boys, these books are a mix of fiction and nonfiction with events spanning hundreds of years. Filled with adventure, war, and epic stories, there’s something here to engross any older teen boy.

11. Thoughtful Reads for Young Women & More Thoughtful Books for Young Women

Perfect for girls over 14 years old, these books are a mix of fiction and nonfiction with stories and topics fitting for any girl approaching adulthood. Between a variety of engrossing tales and discussion of challenging topics, there’s something here to interest any young lady.

12. Science Fiction and Space Opera

Set across the universe, these stories tell of fictional worlds and futures, first encounters with extraterrestrials, the human condition and its consequences, and thrilling tales of adventure in the final frontier.

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1 Comment

  • Avatar
    Daniel Hennessy
    June 30, 2023, 5:46 am

    This is an excellent, thoughtful, very useful reading list for everyone, but especially teachers, and even more "especially," for teachers in Christian schools. Thank you so much…


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