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Ignoring the Obvious: Mass Murder, Guns, and Evil

Ignoring the Obvious: Mass Murder, Guns, and Evil

Every time there is a mass murder event, the vultures launch. It’s fascinating in a sickening way. A bunch of people get killed, and within minutes the same crew of anti-gun zealots shows up all over the news and social media, pushing the same tired proposals that we’ve either tried before or logic tells us simply can’t work.

So begins the first chapter of Larry Correia’s In Defense of the Second Amendment.

A few pages later, Correia rightly notes that if the shooter can be tied to the media’s political enemies, these same zealots clamor all the louder. On the other hand, if the killer is an advocate for one of the media’s regular causes:

Immediately the same exact people who’d just been screeching about evil Tea Party, racist, hate-monger, right-wing, cis-hetero, whatever phantoms begin urging calm and saying not to jump to conclusions. It isn’t fair to tar a big group because of the actions of a few. Watch out for that hateful rhetoric because you might inflame people.

For the rest of In Defense of the Second Amendment, Correia brings truth to the falsehoods—the abused statistics, outright lies, and the abysmal ignorance of firearms—bandied about by the gun control crew. A skilled marksman, former owner of a gun shop, and a longtime firing range instructor, Correia is a no-holds-barred advocate for gun rights. He is pleased that more women and minorities want to learn to shoot, discusses how the constitutional right to firearms was intended in part to allow people to resist tyranny, and reveals how the news media plays a part in creating violence by sensationalizing it. Correia also brings to the table practical notes on such subjects as concealed carry and the legalities of self-defense.

As I read Correia’s thoughts on mass shootings, however, I found myself returning again and again to the March 27th shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. The killer entered this private Christian school and murdered three of the staff and three 9-year-old children before being shot and killed by the police.

Correia’s descriptions above about mass murders proved accurate. The anti-gun zealots promptly popped out of the woodwork, broke out their placards, and began their protests.

Only this time a glitch occurred when police reported that the killer, 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale, preferred using masculine pronouns, had once attended the school, and resented its Christian teachings. She left behind written documents that have yet to be released. We also know that this killer was under a doctor’s care for an emotional disorder.

In a brief but incisive article “Media, Democrats portray transgender community as ‘other’ victim of Nashville Mass Shooting,” Stacey Matthews reports that within hours of the shooting, some news outlets were already warning of negative reactions against the transgender community. Moreover, some protestors were claiming that Hale was a victim along with those she murdered, holding up seven fingers to include her with those she had gunned down.

Matthews, who also writes under the name “Sister Toldjah,” is sickened by these responses. She writes that Hale “wasn’t the victim here” and “that this even needs to be said shows how deeply we’ve fallen as a country on many fronts, especially moral and spiritual.”

Unlike so many others, Matthews goes to the real cause of gun violence in the United States. Guns don’t shoot themselves, and there are millions of people who have emotional disorders who never dream of shooting up a school. No—the real cause for so many of the gun deaths and injuries in our culture, from mass shootings to the weekly carnage occurring in cities like Chicago, New Orleans, and St. Louis, is the absence of God, law, and morality from American public life. Consequently, the anti-gun zealots reject the reality of evil in the human heart, turning instead to mechanistic solutions like gun control.

All indications are that Audrey Hale carefully planned her murderous assault. She purchased firearms and ammunition, pondered and wrote out her plans, and carried them out. What she did was deliberate, sick, and twisted.

And evil.

Image credit: Flickr-Mesa Tactical, CC BY 2.0


Jeff Minick
Jeff Minick

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  • Avatar
    April 19, 2023, 12:27 am

    The real reason for the mass shootings is an overabundance of psychiatrists pushing drugs onto people who are troubled by one thing or another.

    The transgender shooter you referred to was "under a doctor's care for an emotional disorder"… in other words, this person was drugged with anti-depressants, possibly anti-psychotics, and whatever else the "doctor" ordered.

    Read the warnings about antidepressants: "may cause suicidal thoughts or thoughts of violence…"

    Do the math.

    I don't have access to all the data on all the shooters, but I will bet you a bunch that the vast majority of them were either on such drugs, or just coming off of such drugs. Such people are at high-risk of violent behavior.

    Stop the mass-drugging, and stop the violence.

    • Avatar
      April 20, 2023, 8:52 am

      Yup. The same chemical manufacturers that gave us the death shots and prohibited valid and effective.safe cures for the WooFlew are the ones that have been promoting massive overuse of mood-altering and psychedelic drugs. Somewhere above 100,000 people have died, mostly by their own choice (like Floyd) each year for the past two at least, and that figure is rising as the illegal invaders flood across our southern former border bearing tonnes, collectively of fentanyl. Funny how the government ignore the massive overuse of these psychotropic drugs by their pals, and arrest others for possessing a few small pills.
      From everything I've read about that murderess she was on quite the cocktail of drugs that are well knwon for altering one's mood, morals, values, self-worth….

    • Avatar
      April 30, 2023, 5:39 am

      The last guy to put together
      the data,
      "I don't have access to all the data on all the shooters, but I will bet you a bunch that the vast majority of them were either on such drugs, or just coming off of such drugs. Such people are at high-risk of violent behavior."

      The last person I heard about that actually put that type of data together, was found wrapped around a tree in a "one car accident".
      It was some years ago but apparently the "research" since that time has gone the other way. It is difficult to find that old data, or the fellow's name. But I read it, and correlated it myself at the time, and he was spot on. There was a distinct correlation between anti-psychotic anti-depressants, and violent mass shootings.

      That "coincidental" nature is also apparent in many other drugs that cause violent behavior while curing other disorders. The drugs used originally to treat Hepatitis C come to mind. But funny thing is, you need to look for research outside the US to see it.
      It was odd, that when "anti-gun" president Obama rolled out his plans to "de-weaponize" the citizenry, there were more mass shootings than at any time before, many more. Those types of "coincidental instances" just kept happening.
      And if the story surrounding the shooter is soft, or facts don't align, there always seems to be a correlation found that leads us off to deviant sexual behaviors, or some such. Child pornography or a rape claim are standards to add to the stew.

  • Avatar
    April 19, 2023, 11:17 am

    As Jeff has written before but somewhat left out in this article, the loss of fathers plays into this as well. Children are growing up with no model for the authority of God via their father who provides, protects, and, dare I say it, punishes.

    Loss of faith in God certainly. But not just any God. There are many gods ready to take up residence when the one, true God is abandoned. And they are all demons, as this shooting would indicate. Christians can be specific about which god they mean.

    John 15:4

    Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.

    Thanks Jeff for your work! May you continue to bear fruit here with your writing.

  • Avatar
    Conrad Hess
    April 19, 2023, 11:30 am

    As in every Liberal Democrat mass shooting before the bodies achieve room temp the Marxist Jew run media snap into an auto orgasmic state of glee and overwhelming euphoria as they deem innocent dead people as merely a gift to use in their crazed insatiable quest to disarm the law abide armed White Conservative "obstacle."

    The MSM are quite aware that it's they who are major players in the orchestrated societal decay and degradation cheapening easy Liberal minds and their perceived value of another human life.
    Some classes of a populace are easier to govern than others, Marxist Jews are working on it.

    • Avatar
      Margaret@Conrad Hess
      April 20, 2023, 5:18 am

      Conrad, I do not appreciate your anti-Semitism. Please keep it off of these pages. It is seriously offensive to respectable libertarians and even Christians.

      • Avatar
        April 30, 2023, 6:07 am

        Margaret, there are things that are offensive to some, and spot on to others.
        While labeling, especially people, we need to try and keep a head on our shoulders.
        It may be offensive to some, especially those that are pointed AT.
        Ever wonder why 98% of Nazis were not prosecuted after the Nuremberg trials?
        There are many things that people, especially those easily offended by racial or ethnic "slurs", don't want to look at, simply because it was labeled by a slur, or a profanity. That does not make them non-inclusive in our search for truth.
        To say that Jews are the largest stake holders in Hollywood, or Mass Media may sound like a slur.
        Until you do the research.

        I am not condoning offensive language, but every time you hear Jew mentioned in correlation with something you may not like, it does NOT equal anti-Semitism.

        That is a label used far too much today when looking for coincidental causation, in my opinion. Much like a hands off sign, that we can use anytime it becomes uncomfortable to take a closer look at a thing.
        What we DO need today, is MORE revealing of problems that face us, not less.
        If that happens to take a look at a person or persons, that just happen to be of a certain religion, we cannot just disregard that on account of them belonging.

        I am a white male Christian. we get very little respect these days, quite the opposite, but we don't have a slogan to throw a wet towel on it, just because someone is looking our way.

        If you are in search for truth, leave no stone unturned because it might hurt someone's feelings. People in this country bruise far to easily these days for their own good.
        We have become a nation of wimps, and believers of delusions and fairy tales.
        Instead of being leaders, we have become the led, for very good reasons.

  • Avatar
    April 19, 2023, 11:39 am

    You have it backwards, I cracked this awhile ago.

    First, the mass shootings are manufactured.

    Second, the talk of then banning guns after these contrived events is used to actually get people to panic buy them and arm up.

    Third, the reason for this is that they want us armed to the teeth that we may easier kill each other once the power goes out.

    The end goal is to decimate the world population. 9 out of 10 people must die.

    Believe it.

    • Avatar
      April 20, 2023, 9:04 am

      Yup, "they" are certainly wanting a massive "reduction" in world population. Wars are often good for doing that, but not fast enough, and too costly.those tanks and planes are rather dear…..

      that's also very well supported by the whole covidiocy madness "they" inflicted upin us a couple years back.

      Add to that the quite recent refusal of a number of bought-and-paid-for "prosecutors" who don't. Seems once they arrest someone for violent crime against others, they spring him back out on the streets to do it again.He's got a good track record, let's send him back out to do our dirty work for us. Recently read of a guy who was accosted in some heinous crime.. turns ut the guy's got something like 14 recent felonies, is now out on not much n fifteen or so felony busts that have been "written down" to misdemeanour level "offenses". And in what passes for the "investigation" he's been implicated in around eight more felonies. WHY is this guy NOT behind bars in an high security facility wth grey iron bars in every direction

  • Avatar
    April 20, 2023, 1:46 am

    I enjoy reading articles, such as this one, that reach beyond the media hype that seems ever-present and offers echo chamber solutions. This article begins peeling back several of the layers of a problem that has been around for decades, yet we seem unable as a society to tackle the complexities of mental illness, drug addiction and/or over-prescription of harmful drugs.
    We need to pause Big Pharma’s influence in America (and beyond). This is particularly important considering the gov’t-allowed power grab of Big Pharma over the past three years.


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