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Our Culture Is Wrecking Our Country

Our Culture Is Wrecking Our Country

America is racist. This lesson is drummed into us through our schools and the mainstream media.

A century ago, much of the racism in America was aimed at blacks. Bigots condemned them as shiftless, lazy, and violent. These days, many on the left now target whites as evil, greedy, and privileged.

Both viewpoints are nakedly racist.

However you care to justify it, to call out, judge, and condemn people based solely on the color of their skin is pure and simple race hatred. It’s also completely irrelevant to the ongoing decline of the United States.

The collapse of our culture is killing our country, not skin pigmentation.

That thought first came to me while watching an online video of a brawl in a Texas Waffle House. There, we see a group of black customers throwing chairs and containers of sugar at employees, white and black. The customers were enraged because of slow service and because they were asked to remove themselves from a closed section of the restaurant. It would be easy to watch this fight and make a racial judgment. Instead, if we listen to the laughter and comments of the onlookers and observe the behavior of the women involved in this fracas, we realize that this vignette is one more small example of our destructive culture.

In “The Decline of Civility in African-American Culture,” Walter Williams quickly discards the notion that race is playing a part in the creation of our sordid contemporary society. Instead, he rightly pins the blame for this mess on the destruction of black families, the sharp decline in learning and education in our public schools, and, most of all, the relativism that stands today as the credo of American society. He writes:

“Customs, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette are behavioral norms, transmitted mostly by example, word of mouth and religious teachings. As such, they represent a body of wisdom distilled through the ages by experience and trial and error. The nation’s liberals—along with the education establishment, pseudo-intellectuals and the courts—have waged war on traditions, customs and moral values. Many people have been counseled to believe that there are no moral absolutes. Instead, what’s moral or immoral is a matter of personal convenience, personal opinion, what feels good or what is or is not criminal.”

As Walter Williams then states in his article, “The abandonment of traditional values has negatively affected the nation as a whole, but blacks have borne the greater burden.”

That this is true can be seen on any number of fronts. In our cities, many of them controlled for decades by liberal Democrats, blacks bear the brunt of crime, violence, and murder. A major contributor to this rise in lawlessness is the corresponding decline in the two-parent family. Today, Walter Williams tells us, only around 30 percent of black children live in an intact family.

The statistics in education are even worse. In “Many of America’s Black Youth Cannot Read or Do Math—And That Imperils Us All,” commentator and author Armstrong Williams recounts his interview with Winsome Sears, Virginia’s then candidate for lieutenant governor who eventually won that office. When Armstrong Williams asked Sears about problems facing Virginia, she pointed out that 84 percent of black eighth graders couldn’t do basic math and that 85 percent were functionally illiterate.

What explains these alarming statistics?

Our failed culture accounts for our current abysmal chaos. The traditional foundation stones of society—the family, the community, the schools—have long suffered neglect and abuse. Skyrocketing overdoses, widespread emotional illness, increased sexual confusion, government corruption, greater homelessness: These and so many more troubles stem from the long neglect of our fundamental institutions.

As Armstrong Williams notes, “If we continue on the same path of illiteracy and failing math grades, our country will not survive. Moreover, if we continue to focus on trivial social issues that have no impact on our country’s future, we will continue to neglect the real issues that we face.”

Reviving families, building strong communities, and retooling the curriculum of our schools are key to America’s well-being. If we do these things, we can bring light to our present darkness. If we do not, that night which is covering our land will only grow deeper.

Image credit: Bring Me The News-Andy Swenson


Jeff Minick
Jeff Minick

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  • Avatar
    Hugh E. Brennan
    January 12, 2023, 12:41 am

    I was in NYC today. Everything went well. Everyone I dealt with was nice, including a couple of old timers who were characters.

    So, I didn’t run into criminals, drug-addled manaics, or any of the other people who put the Fun in "Fun City."

    What I did see was the gaping wound in front of the Museum of Natural History where the magnificent Teddy Roosevelt memorial once stood. And, I saw the absolutely horrendous addition grafted like a tumor onto the rear of the iconic building. A Brutalist lump of PlayDough that looms like a mishappen skull at the end of 79th St. It’s a massive uglification of the view down that classic NYC st.
    Why do I mention this in the context of your remarks? Because it isn’t just the collapse of culture and society among our working-class citizens that is ruining us, it’s the ruination of our "upper-class," our "elites" are now utterly corrupted. They manifest none of the old virtues of honor, courage, duty, or respect and they can’t even muster simple good taste. They are wrecking what was good and noble and putting in its place the tawdry, cheap, ugly, and, in the end, banal.
    The "leaders" not only can’t lead, they can’t even tell direction anymore. These "men without chests" are mere simulacrums of the men who imagined and built everything that holds us up. How long can our foundations endure without reinforcement? Eventually, the seed corn gets eaten. What then?

  • Avatar
    Terry C
    January 12, 2023, 1:06 am

    The link, to the Hill article, Mr. Minick includes the text of his column is worth a read. The Armstrong Williams quote hits the nail on the head. Although, I am not so sure that we have already crossed the Rubicon on that point.

  • Avatar
    daniel hamilton
    January 15, 2023, 6:25 pm

    The issue is culture, not color, with the problem being the result of the seduction of the liberal "victim-entitlement" mentality from Hell – which is as old as the Garden of Eden – together with the sexual liberation deception.

    Even wikipedia yet attests to a problem of the American black family: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African-American_family_structure

    And it is indeed much that an Western culture issue. A testimony to cultural differences is provided by a study many years ago, "Voices of Concern, Voices of Hope:
    Experiences of African Immigrants in Detroit" (now buried: https://web.archive.org/web/20220120133838/https://www.law.berkeley.edu/files/Koelschpaper.pdf) by David C. Koelsch, Professor of Law, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law (circa 2003).

    Excerpt: African immigrants often express their frustration with their African American counterparts who they perceive as hamper ing their own progress: "even when you succeed, you are still considered a failure because you left the ghetto and became too white." 32 Yet African immigrants can be somewhat naïve regarding r ace relations. As one African immigrant noted in a separate study:

    Growing up in Africa . . ., the culture of White racism and prejudice was not part of the African upbringing . . . . [w]e were aware of the history of slavery but, in all cases, we were wil ling to forget and forgive. It never occurred to us that we would be the targets of hate simply because of the color of our skin. Interestingly, our Black and brown skins did not open the doors wide for us in the African American community either. We were, and remain to many African Americans, outsiders or beneficiaries of their struggle against a racist society. If we are too successful and live in a nice White neighborhood, then we are accused of betraying our race, being "Black Bourgeois" and wanting to be White. To White neighbors, we are safe because we are Blacks from Africa . .., not from the South or Brooklyn and, to their stereotypical way of thinking, we do not do drugs or alcohol or have big late night parties.
    The good news is that it matters not where you are from, but where you are going, and not skin but sin, for that Christ died for all and redeems all believers by His sinless shed "blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation." (Revelation 5:9) Thanks be to God.


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