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The Question That No One Asks or Answers

Years ago, a preschooler used to annoy me to no end whenever I visited his parents. It wasn’t what he did, but what he said, or rather asked. Here’s a typical example of our dialogue. To get the full effect, try to imagine his question delivered in a drawn-out monotone:

“I think I’m going out on the porch for a bit,” I might say.

“Why-y-y?” he would ask.

“It’s a nice day.”


“The sun’s shining.”


“That’s what the sun does in the daytime.”


“Because,” I’d say. But even replying with that magic word designed to kill further adult-child conversation had no effect.


You get the picture. That was long ago, and while I don’t remember what was passing through my mind, I can safely guess that my thoughts were unkind.

But now? All I can say is, “Where’s that dimpled master of interrogation when we need him?”

Recently, I’ve read more articles than usual on the invasion of our Southern border. This river of illegal immigrants now includes not only people from Central and South America, but also asylum seekers from such far-flung places as China, Africa, and the Middle East, ex-Green Beret and war correspondent Michael Yon says in one report. He also warns that if worldwide food shortages occur next year, which appears likely, this storm of immigrants will turn into a tsunami.

Since Joe Biden became president, up to five million people from more than 150 countries have illegally made their way into the U.S., including nearly one million “gotaways” who slipped past enforcement officials. Most of these immigrants are seeking work and a better life, but a number of them are criminals, some are mules for the drug trade, and others are slaves of the cartels or victims of sex traffickers.

In Washington, some politicians oppose this flood of illegal immigrants. Some reporters and bloggers write about the need to crack down on border regulation, vetting immigrants and turning more of them away.

And right here is where we need that little kid and his question: “Why?” Because no one ever explains to the rest of us why we are permitting this situation in the first place.

Why does the government of the United States permit this flood of immigrants? It could close the border, if it chose to do so, in a week’s time, or less. It could simply proclaim, “Enough is enough,” and that would be the end of the whole shebang.

But it doesn’t. And as a result, the drug cartels are having a field day, fentanyl smuggled into our country is killing tens of thousands of Americans, and we’ll be paying everything from social benefits to educational costs for these intruders for decades to come, or until the money runs out.

So allow me to play that pesky boy and ask, “Why?”

And since no one replies, I’m stuck with the only answer that seems obvious: Mass immigration is a tool designed to radically change the United States of America that it will become unrecognizable.

And if that is the case, then the question becomes not why but who. Who is behind this policy?

Given our president’s declining cognitive powers, we can safely bet Joe Biden’s not the engine driving this bus. He lacks the mental wherewithal, the motive, and the brain cells to devise such a plot.

So who’s got their hands on the steering wheel? Is it White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain? Does former president Barack Obama have influence in the Oval Office? Or are Biden and his handlers passengers like the rest of us, given our tickets to ride by the World Economic Forum and some of our wealthiest billionaires?

I know. I sound like one more conspiracy nut. But here’s the difference: I lack the financial means—and probably the equipment and intelligence—to get to the root of this question. But I can still ask it. Why? Why are we allowing our border to be overrun? What’s the purpose?

And if no one can give a straight answer to that question, even a radical one, then something is very, very wrong.

Image Credit: Unsplash


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