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Con Games and Propaganda in the ‘Information Age’

Con Games and Propaganda in the ‘Information Age’

For the average individual, life today is lived in a gulf between statistical reality and the never-never land of conjecture.

Just how wide is this gulf of discrepancies? Theodore Roosevelt Malloch answers that question in an article for American Greatness, citing a recent YouGov poll that asked Americans to estimate the numbers in various subgroups of American society. Here are just three of these comparisons:

What percentage of the country is black? The average answer was 41 percent. The actual number is 12 percent. Of course, if you watch television commercials, you would think it’s closer to 90 percent. 


What percentage of Americans are transgender? The answer given was 22 percent. The actual number is not even one percent.           

What percentage of your fellow citizens are gay? The answer given was 30 percent. The actual number is just three percent.

Malloch hints at the reason for the gulf between statistical reality and our present never-never land mindset in his answer to the question on the size of the black population: television commercials, or more generally, our entire corporate media and our government. For whatever reasons—genuine ideological fervor, political correctness, or just the desire to ride along on the coattails of a fad—the Hollywood gang, the television news collective, many in our government, and other celebrities and public figures foist off false narratives on the American people every single day of the year.

The front-and-center push of transgenderism provides a perfect example of the media and government acting as trendsetters. If we follow the headlines, we too might reckon that 22 percent of our fellow citizens were undergoing radical surgeries and drug treatments in order to shape themselves into the opposite gender. Our military services, for example, have made a big deal of the issue, welcoming the transgendered into the ranks and promising to pay for the medical procedures of those wishing to change their birth sex.

Other statistics are manipulated, ignored, or abused. Statistical analysis from the Center for Disease Control, for example, shows that in 2020 19,384 Americans were murdered by means of firearms. Giffords, an organization established to fight gun violence, reports CDC statistics showing more than 45,000 men, women, and children died from “gun violence” in this same year. The difference? The statistics from Giffords include suicide by firearm, which the article fails to make clear.

Some commentators and politicos just ditch numbers altogether and drive along on generalities. When’s the last time, for instance, you heard anyone from the president to a member of Congress offer solid proof that climate change is here and is real? Yet many of these same folks are spending trillions of taxpayer dollars on the “green revolution,” demanding that Americans switch to electric cars, ignoring all the while the massive pollution caused by countries like China.

Even worse is the race hatred promoted for political gain. President Joe Biden is an example of this, tweeting on Sept. 22, “White supremacy and all forms of hate-filled violence have no place in America. Failure to call it out is complicity.” Likewise, the military has spent recent years rooting out white supremacists from its ranks, while those in charge of the FBI deem white supremacy a major threat to our nation.

All right, then. Give us some stats. Show us evidence of mass meetings of white supremacists, of mobs of white people rioting in our city streets, torching stores and beating passersby, of whites demanding separate dorms and “safe places” on our college campuses.

It doesn’t take long to realize that white supremacy is a code word, a smear tactic, aimed at supporters of Donald Trump and Republicans. But even that won’t work. Are we to regard the African-Americans who voted for Donald Trump in the last election as white supremacists?

If so, explain please.

The tumult of the last few years has brought a barrage of “misinformation.” Here’s just one small sample. Recently, Georgia Democrat and abortion supporter Stacey Abrams declared that a fetus of six weeks has no heartbeat, that the sound is manufactured so that men can control women’s bodies. “Fact checker” Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post affirmed her position, announcing that the heartbeat is created by the ultrasound.

Obstetricians and other doctors quickly jumped on this deceptive language, pointing out that yes, at six weeks there is a fetal heartbeat.

Here’s the point: It’s high time that all Americans, whatever their politics, regard the federal government and the corporate media as primary sources of misinformation and outright indoctrination in our country.

Consequently, we need to dig out the facts as best we can, try to find out the truth, and then speak those facts and truth with courage.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Jeff Minick
Jeff Minick

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  • Avatar
    Kalikiano Kalei
    September 29, 2022, 11:33 pm

    A favorite phrase that is often used my media network ‘influencers’ to massage our minds is "Some people say…" . Again, no documentary substantiation, just the vague seed of a suggestion but devastating as hell! I have frequently wished that I could avoid media broadcasting (whether radio, television, or any other medium) altogether but it is literally impossible. No one (except the ultra-rare individual who tends by nature to retreat entirely into the folds of the self and keep his own counsel) may escape the unimaginably costly psychological brainwashing that corporate media subjects us to almost every single minute of our given day. We are, after all, socially gregarious creatures with an inherent, deeply instinctive need to stay tuned-in to what the rest of the herd is thinking. The great tragedy is that we are all subjected to that dangerously insinuative phrase, "Some of the (herd) are saying…", whether we are aware of it or not.

  • Avatar
    Robert W. Geist MD
    September 30, 2022, 10:04 am

    Fine analysis! Thanks. Bob

  • Avatar
    October 1, 2022, 1:01 pm

    Yeah, watching TV, and entering Screen World, one wonders at the sheer number of blacks and gays in every imaginable combination and situation….nice article as usual.

  • Avatar
    October 3, 2022, 10:52 pm

    I agree with every point you made in this article and have not only investigated it but also researched and experienced the psychological torturous effect of it upon myself.

    America is failing at a speed and rate that multiplies daily. The banks corps media’s Hollywood Government tech companies, courts, laws, food processings, shootings, etc. – the list goes on, not only do we not have a culture but no real heritage and are psychologically bombarded with brainwashing tactics, neural stimulations, harassment, violence, etc etc the list continues to go on with no end. Americans are angry unhappy paranoid and hate their own government with such tenacity they often attack themselves.

    I live in America and I often cry and yell because the United States has failed me as a citizen, the police, courts, militaries, banks and just about everyone else.

    I rely on support from other foreign countries now, Americans are like self-entitled fat brats that love to sue arrest and not only try and kill each other their government also by defaming it with other foreign nation states, participating in disparaging psyops and misinformation campaigns bashing European Monarchy the Catholic Church and just about anyone else they can bounce their stupidity upon by the tropes, further weakening National security and falling more behind any chance for to repair itself before adversaries take even further advantage of our weakened state and then completely dominate us from having any chance at global inclusiveness and a chance for success to avoid homelessness debt depression suicide and domestic-terrorism on a wider scale.

  • Avatar
    October 9, 2022, 8:00 pm

    Although I agree with the basic argument in this article, how does one "dig out the facts" with such widespread misinformation at all levels?


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