In her book on home organization, Marie Kondo helps people divest themselves of the “things that do not spark joy.” She seems to be somewhat suggesting that the ongoing burden of possessing things is more than we really want to pay.

If rights = responsibilities, freedom has a cost. Given this, is it possible that the hesitation to share the vote with women was not simple misogyny? Could it have been a reluctance to place the full burden of freedom on women’s shoulders?

In the one hundred years since women’s suffrage we still have not properly outlined the unique responsibilities of women toward society. Apparently, men have responsibilities that are unique to their sex, but women should not have any responsibility that men do not have (such as carrying a pregnancy to term for instance).

Currently the popular attitude seems to be that women are entirely the better citizens. Even if that is true in some ways, without men – who are willing to go to war and do the strenuous, dangerous, and dirty jobs—we wouldn’t have much of a country for those model female citizens to inhabit.

American women currently possess all of the rights men do, including a good many rights men do not have. And yet it is still men who pay the ultimate price for those freedoms. Yes, women serve in our military by choice. But able-bodied men can still be forced to kill and maim and be maimed and killed for the rest of us. They face a greater likelihood of injury and death in their jobs, and the expectation that they will kill the vermin, investigate the prowler, be the protector, and if necessary, give up their lives for their wife and children.

Now whether you think this is unfair, or just as it should be, it deserves our respect. Yet we are being inundated with anti-male propaganda. What is going on?

Ladies, we are being manipulated. Yes, we are victims of male aggression, but we are also the victims of female aggression (which is usually social rather than physical, but no less devastating). We are being manipulated by a mentality that isn’t favorable to the family. In fact, this mentality seems to want to tear down the family because a functional family, united to other functional families, is the building block of a free society. What has happened in the black community, namely, the replacement of husbands and fathers by the state, awaits the rest of the nation.

Honest women refuse to buy into the current naïve notions of female victimology and superiority. Honest women admit their capacity for viciousness. The good news is that female aggression is proof  that men and women really are equally powerful in their ability to make the world worse; they just do it in different ways.

Rights are burdens. It could be that you need help carrying it. That’s fine. Just appreciate that help when you get it. Don’t be that woman who packs her bag too heavy on purpose, with the expectation that her man will carry it for her.

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