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  • Misleading Myths of Feminism Ignore the Human Heart

    Misleading Myths of Feminism Ignore the Human Heart0

    Two myths shared by feminism and the radical left have a major influence on contemporary culture. One is that the external problems of life are the most significant; the second, that men do the bad things. These are united by one underlying assumption: the public is more significant than the private. Yet some things are

  • Another Actress, Another Point of View on Harvey Weinstein

    Another Actress, Another Point of View on Harvey Weinstein0

    Cassie Jaye, now 33, was a struggling actress in Hollywood in her late teens and early twenties. Her story (click for YouTube link) sheds light on the Weinstein debacle. She describes how young beautiful actresses have contracts with publicists and now the publicists find them entry-level work with the rich and powerful of Los Angeles. A beautiful

  • Gender Studies at the Grocery Store

    Gender Studies at the Grocery Store0

    Trader Joe’s is an American grocery store chain known for its good prices but also, uniquely for a grocery, for paying their employees well enough that they seem to enjoy their work. This makes for a distinctly upbeat atmosphere that adds to the charm of the low-priced organic food. My husband and I enjoyed chatting

  • Christmas Predators, Parasites, or Magi?

    Christmas Predators, Parasites, or Magi?0

    A couple of years ago there was quite a kerfuffle about the holiday duet, “Baby, its Cold Outside.” This song, from 1944, features a dialogue which some people might describe as a man trying to talk a woman into staying longer at his place on a snowy night. The criticism said the song was really about a


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