Without any ado, here are ten pictures that convey how far Western Civilization has fallen over the last centuries.

1. Mozart conducting one of his own settings of the Mass, circa 1780; modern church service with rock band


2. Crowd watching baseball game, early twentieth century; crowd watching baseball game, early twenty-first century


3. St. Andrew, crucified for preaching the Gospel in defiance of Roman authority; Timothy Cardinal Dolan with President Barack Obama, a vocal supporter of partial-birth abortion


4. St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague), built in the fourteenth century; Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (Los Angeles), built in 2002


5. Renaissance sculpture “Perseus with the Head of Medusa,” by Benvenuto Cellini (Florence, Italy); modern sculpture, “Male/Female,” by Jonathan Borofsky (Baltimore)


6. Lecture, medieval times; modern lecture


7. Leonardo Da Vinci”s “Mona Lisa” (1506/1517); Willem de Kooning’s “Woman III” (1953)


8. Popular music composer of the late nineteenth century; popular music composer of the late twentieth century


9. Bestselling volume of the seventeenth century; bestselling volume of the twenty-first century


10. Young men in the city, 1940s; young men in the city, modern times

This article was republished with permission from The Imaginative Conservative.

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