Has the feminist narrative spread so far that it’s actually hurting women and causing them to revert to being fragile creatures?

That’s a question pondered by Dr. Joanna Williams in a new book entitled Women vs. Feminism: Why We All Need Liberating from the Gender Wars. Speaking to the Telegraph about the publication, Williams notes that women and girls were once the disadvantaged sex, but have now become the privileged one in terms of opportunities, education, and so on.

But as Williams goes on to infer, one doesn’t get that idea from the current narrative in society. That narrative says that women are more victimized than ever. And it is that mentality, Williams says, that is the true mischief-maker for women:

She said that if girls are instilled with a mindset of victimhood at a young age, it can set them back later in life. “When women go out into the world of work and experience obstacles, rather than persevering they think ‘oh these are the insurmountable barriers I was told about’.”

“It is very difficult for women to present themselves as powerful, strong and capable if they think they need to be wary and anxious,” she said.

“So if someone pays you a compliment [you are told] that is outrageous. You are told it is not a joke, it is a sexual attack, it is “everyday sexism” or a micro-aggression.”

“When you teach girls they are victims they believe it. But this is not in keeping with reality and it can become quite debilitating.”

Let’s face it. We have placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that women are victims of unwanted attention in recent years. And it’s true that many of these instances are ones that need to be addressed and dealt with.

But it’s also true that fixation on something can often make a problem far worse. And I can’t help but wonder if this is what is happening in our world today.

Have we placed so much emphasis on the idea of sex, the idea that women are oppressed, and the idea that men are to blame for that oppression, that we have created a monster larger than reality? And is it possible that the ever-increasing antagonism between the sexes is an outgrowth of this?