Some might say that creativity is only for the chosen ones.

But we don’t agree with that.

Everyone can be creative. It’s only a matter of finding the right way to wake that creativity. A method that’s going to be the best for you.

People are different. Each of us has our own character. We all have different hobbies, different ways of spending free time, and different tastes for food, music, and movies. It’s no wonder that inspirations for creativity are also completely different for all of us.

It’s even possible that something that worked and helped you to get into that creative state in the past won’t have any effect today. There are plenty of reasons that might happen, and there’s nothing wrong with it. People grow and change—and so do their tastes, thoughts, and desires.

But still, how can you be more creative?

You could find the answer to that question just by trying things. Go on an adventure of testing out various activities and seeing whether or not they help boost your creativity.

The only problem is that this search can take a lot of time. And there’s no guarantee that it will be successful immediately.
So there has to be another way.

While no single solution will satisfy everyone, some general pieces of advice can help. These simple techniques are very likely to improve your creativity once you try them.

And it just so happens that we have an infographic with 21 ways to be more creative. It won’t take much time to look through them all. And it’ll be faster than trying random activities or techniques on your own.

We’re not saying that each method will bring perfect results for everyone, but what we do know is this: every person will find a couple of methods that work for them.

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This article has been republished with permission from Jack Milgram.

[Image Credit: Flickr-Lucélia Ribeiro (CC BY-SA 2.0)]