Scientists should spend more time in the laboratory and less time marching in the streets. If they did, perhaps they could solve some of the problems with science that they are blaming on other people.

This weekend’s “March for Science” was held ostensibly to warn about the politicization of science and the threat to scientific integrity. But in many places (it wasn’t one march, but many marches across the country) it seemed to be primarily an anti-Trump demonstration.

However, scientists have little grounds for blaming other people for either of these things. If your argument is that science shouldn’t be politicized, it’s probably not a good idea to politicize it yourself, as many marchers did. And if you have concerns over the integrity of your own discipline, then the best thing to do is to clean up your own back yard before you start criticizing others.

If you want an example of politicized science, just check out the issue of gender identity. The people who are always talking about “climate deniers” need to take a look at the “gender deniers.” They should ask themselves why, if they are so concerned about scientific integrity, they allow themselves to be implicated in the junk science being used by gender theorists to bolster their absurdist position that blatantly rejects the scientific facts about the difference between males and females.

And if the pro-science crowd wants climate science to be taken seriously, why haven’t they done anything about the irresponsible promotion of their own position—a position which, even if it is true, suffers from the bad arguments constantly being offered for it?

Why do they stay silent when the media uses every warm-weather event as evidence for global warming while ignoring every cold-weather event? Or, worse yet, using cold-weather events as evidence for global warming?

You can’t, for example, predict that there will be milder winters and less snowfall (as a number of climate science people claimed), then when more severe winters and more snowfalls happen, blame global warming skeptics for not understanding that more severe winters and higher snowfalls are not inconsistent with global warming.

You can’t go around telling people that science, in order to be science, must be falsifiable, and then consider every piece of evidence, no matter how conflicting, as confirming your theory.

If the “Warmers” want people to believe them, then they need to police themselves a whole lot better than they have.

And then there are all the problems now being reported about the poor state of scientific research. If you want to know how bad it is, check out the sorry state of nutrition science and biomedicine. The condition of scientific research is the fault of scientists themselves, not policymakers.

And what about education policy? Do we want that to be “evidence-based”? If so, why is it that only 13 percent of all education research isn’t even replicated? Where is the outrage?

The science community needs to stop blaming bad science on Trump and start placing the blame where it belongs: with themselves.