Taylor Beggs is a female wrestler in Texas who is “transitioning” to a male. She recently won the state girls wresting championship to the dismay of many of the other girls competing, some of whom dropped out rather than face someone with a competitive advantage.

The process in which a person “transitions” from one gender to another just means that he or she (or she or he) is receiving artificial hormone treatments that are faking the body into thinking it is the gender the person wants to be, although his or her chromosomal makeup (which dictates the person’s biological gender) remains unchanged.

Among the treatments Beggs was receiving while competing with non-transitional girls were chemicals that, under normal circumstances, would be considered performance-enhancing drugs that would result in disqualification from competition. In other words, she was given what for all practical purposes was a free doping license.

But Beggs is riding the cultural wave of the gender revolution, to which there is no resistance allowed in our society. Despite having registered victim status, those who consider themselves “transgendered” actually enjoy a privileged status almost beyond compare.

In fact, rather than wanting to be considered a boy (if really a girl) or a girl (if really a boy), what the Gender Deniers really want is for these people to be recognized as what amounts to a third gender: “transgender.” This is where the cultural payoff comes. Just being a considered a boy or a girl is boring. No one is interested in boys and girls. But “transgender,” now that’s something noteworthy.

You get no media laurels for just being some boring old boy or girl. That’s a yawner. Boys and girls don’t even appear in the culturally approved acronyms like LGBTQ—an acronym which, by the way is ever expanding with new and more fanciful gender designations.


The gender revolutionaries aren’t satisfied with some quiet process in which the girl all of a sudden becomes a boy and everyone just goes on with their lives. Rather, everyone must know that the transitioning boy is not only a boy now, but was a girl and is now a boy, which means he is “transgender” and the culture is awaiting your explicit approval and encouragement and if you don’t give it then you are a reactionary and a homophobe with serious denial issues and exactly what turnip truck did you fall off of?

“Transgender.” Say it, fool.

Several parents have reportedly filed a lawsuit over the Beggs case. Watch them be pilloried by the Tolerance Police and eventually have to retreat into snake-infested caves deep in the Texas desert to avoid the ugly derision that is coming their way because they don’t want their daughters wresting other female athletes who are competing with an unfair advantage—or simply because they don’t want their daughters hurt.

Fairness? Health? Forget it. We’re talking gender here, where the normal rules do not apply.

Martin Cothran is the editor of Classical Teacher magazine, published by Memoria Press, and the director of the Classical Latin School Association.